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Worms Credits


ProgrammingFrancis Lillie, Gavin Harwood (East Point Software)
Project ManagerMartin O'Donnell (Team 17)
GraphicsAndy Davidson (Team 17), Roy Stewart (East Point Software)
AudioBjørn A. Lynne, Andy Severn (Team 17)
Design / ConceptAndy Davidson (Team 17)
Creative DirectorMartyn James Brown (Team 17)
Q.A.Phil Quirke-Webster, The Wolves - Team 17, Ocean Q.A. ‑ Ocean
Admin at EastpointJohn
Production Assistance for Ocean SoftwareLee Edmondson
Technical AssistanceMichael Delves

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (225885) and B.L. Stryker (21070)