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Zool Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Getting ready
The Beginning
Hit this button to restart the level at this point
"Good God!" gasped Gerald "Look at the size of that cookie!"
Touch this coin to exit the level
Zool standing on what? Lolly-Rollers?
Two Zools
"What the hell are you staring at?"
Swimming in chocolate topping
Boss (with two green Life Savers on his back)
Seems Mr. Potato Head has lost one part of his head
Zool is blown up into the air by music notes
"Good God!" gasped Gerald "Look at the size of that stereo"
Get this power-up to jump higher in the air
Beware the killer speaker
Playing the piano
Nice place
I didn't know that carrots could jump
Jumping carrots? Now banana wearing shoes. What's next? Speaking oranges?
"Good God!" gasped Gersld "Look at the size of that pineapple ring"