Getsufūma Den Screenshots

User Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
The story
Short intro
The overworld
A dungeon with menacing gargoyle figures
The flying heads are quite annoying
An underground cave with other flying heads and health potions in the air
This Chinese character means "death"... game over
Skeletons in a rocky cave
Standing in water depletes my HP
A gloomy forest with jumping frogs
This guy is standing in front of a column and is throwing some sophisticated boomerangs at me
A shop
Violet dungeon. The big dude is here to bully me
Spooky dungeon with dead heads as decorations, and dangerous serpents on the ground
In the swamp I should kill some annoying creatures
Demonic heads are anything but friendly

Official Screenshots

  • Getsufūma Den Screenshot Title screen, 2016
  • Getsufūma Den Screenshot World map, 2016
  • Getsufūma Den Screenshot Drum enemy, 2016
  • Getsufūma Den Screenshot Boss battle, 2016