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In early preview screenshots Lazarus was shown wearing a jacket with a patch reminiscent of the Ghostbusters logo.


In cut-scenes, you'll see a Undead Swordsman along with the Undead Crossbowman and the Undead Hammer Knight, but oddly enough, the Swordsman doesn't appear as an enemy in the game.


When you think about it, there are actually quite a few similarities between Ghosthunter and SCE Studio Cambridge's previous game, Primal.
  • They share the same basic premise, namely a normal person being thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

  • A supernatural sidekick is present, i.e. Astral and Scree.

  • A machine being is features, the entity Cronos and the A.I. Digital.

  • Both Lazarus and Jen are humorous and tend to make jokes.

  • Both protagonists have a "Straight Man" to counterbalance their humour. Both Scree and Digital are serious almost all of the time.

  • In both games you can control the sidekick as well.

  • Both Lazarus and Jen are searching for someone important to them who is kidnapped by the antagonists.

  • The theme of betrayal


One of the funnier characters you'll meet in the game is the ghost of Colonel Freddy Fortesque, who is obviously a descendant and homage to Sir Daniel Fortesque, the undead hero of the MediEvil series, which is also developed by SCE Studio Cambridge. Freddy also is missing his left eye.

Also, in the section of the game where you meet him, the boss is a huge human/octopus-like ghost. In life, he was treacherous captain named Kraken, appropriate considering that the Kraken is a mythical octopus or squid of gigantic proportions. His beastly ghost is the result of being stabbed by a cursed dagger, which is may reflect the sword and sorcery style of MediEvil, especially considering the more "mundane" deaths of the other Phantom Bosses.

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