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Giana's Return Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Dedicated to Armin Gessert, programmer of the original Great Giana Sisters
Title screen
Level introductory screen with password
The mountains
Just stomped out an enemy
Fires are one-hit-kills
Well done
Punk Giana

Windows version

The game offers four different languages.
The game is dedicated to Armin Gessert, the programmer of the original Giana Sisters game.
Title screen
Intro: Giana has a dream and hears her sister crying out for help.
There's a "Giana go!"-screen before the start of each level, which also displays the password for it (apart from level1).
Level 1
Disappearing platforms.
Giana can shoot magic balls if she finds the lightning item.
The fires are often quite difficult to pass.
The lightning item.
The signs mark the check points within the level.
Transforming to Punk Giana.
You get a "Well done!" message and bonus points at the end of each level.
The first boss, "Crooaa".
Crooaa can summon owls and goes into hiding then.
Cut scene: After beating Crooaa, Giana finds a message which leads her to the snowy mountains.
World 2
Cut-scene: Giana's statue
I miss one crystal
Bonus level
Destroying platform over water.
Ok, fire now is no dangerous
Game Over
Shoot the crab!
Authors were sadist.
Ups. Life lost.