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ZX SpectrumCrash! (Nov, 1986)
Since the differences between the 48K and 128K are rather obvious in Glider Rider, we thought we should indicate the ratings separately. The additional sound has most effect on ratings like playability and addictivity. Here's one critical comment for the 128K version: "What can I do, except go 'rave, rave rave' over the indescribably superb music in this game? There is just no competition for this (as I write) in the aural stakes, as far as any Spectrum games go. Mikie, Ping Pong, Knight Tyme, all their tunes are put to shame by the stunning soundtrack and FX of Glider Rider."
ZX SpectrumASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Oct, 1986)
Ein neues Spiel mit ungewöhnlicher Handlung präsentiert QUICKSILVA: GLIDER RIDER ist der Titel eines Programms, das Ihnen den Nervenkitzel des Drachenfliegens beschert, ohne daß Sie Gefahr laufen, sich die „Haxen“ zu brechen, Rechnet man nun noch reichlich Action, überwältigende Grafiken und einen fantastischen Sound (auf dem Spectrum, wohlgemerkt!) hinzu, und das Ergebnis ist das beste Spiel das Quicksilva. seit langer Zeit veröffentlicht hat.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Nov, 1986)
Joining the 'Silent but Deadly' squadron is not a good idea if you're looking for a quiet life. Any dirty jobs going, and you get it. This one looks particularly nasty. A bunch of arms dealers called the Abraxas Corporation, with few scruples and 'no questions asked, John', are causing a bit of a problem. So the World Council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the Abraxas Corporation has got to go, and the lads at the good old SBD squadron are the ones to do it. 'I mean, boys, we'd do it ourselves, but what with the island being made of plastic and therefore invisible to radar, we thought we'd give you the honour.
Amstrad CPCComputer Gamer (Dec, 1986)
This Amstrad version of a Spectrum game is a straight conversion, complete with the narrow Spectrum-like screen and monochrome graphics, though the sea is slightly different and doesn't look so good as on the Speccy. Other than that (and a bright yellow bike and rider) the game looks the same as the 48K version of the Spectrum game, though the music of the 128K version is there. More could probably have been done, but the game is OK as it stands.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Dec, 1986)
Good, but it would have been a lot better if there was more variety.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Mar, 1994)
If you want a game with a strong, original idea behind it, this is a definite buy, but the fun factor does tend to wear off after a while.
ZX SpectrumComputer Gamer (Nov, 1986)
Overall this is an extremely challenging game, with the emphasis more on the tactical side of play rather than any other form of game genre. The game is fun to play and very puzzling, and should provide a difficult game for even the most experienced Gamer reader. Welcome back Quicksilva! [Spectrum 128 rank: 17/20].