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Goblins Quest 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Level 1 - Blount starts his journey on his boat
Blount as a reporter, during all his adventures is writing a story which can be read in any moment of the game.
This is "an aim of the game" screen. By selecting any place on the map we can get a hint of what should be done in each level.
Level 2 - Blount finds out about Winnona and Furbalous.
Level 3 - Great concept of the level that depending on the light has different puzzles to solve

DOS version

Title screen (US version).
Intro sequence (CD version)
Title screen
Freshly arrived, Blount encounters the lovely Wynnona - and promptly falls in love.
Wynnona is one of several characters that help Blount along his way. Here, Blount watches as his darling blasts a tower to pieces.
Character interaction: The snake Fulbert forms a bridge, allowing Blount to cross to the other roof.
And even the hero himself changes form: As Were-Blount... a giant... a piece on a chessboard...
...and even as his alternate self in the mirror world!
The map screen shows your progress in the game.
Newspaper clippings introduce every scene and give objectives.
A cutscene: Blount visits the Queen, but as the moon rises, he transforms into Were-Blount...
...with shockingly romantic consequences.
A scream, a puff of smoke, another cartoon cutscene.
Miniature Were-Blount explores a desktop. Right is the inventory window.
A timed puzzle in the cloud world: Blound stabs the cloud to make it rain, which causes the giant to sneeze, which propells the balloon to the next island.
The king has stolen the queen's slipper - to squish bugs with?!
In this nice puzzle, the color of the room changes with the combination wisps in the bowl, revealing new objects.
Bee smacks flea. Great fun!
In the laboratory, you control Blounts hands and mix potions out of different ingredients.
Blount has just fallen in love with Wynnona
Blount as a giant in the countryside
Wynnona is a tough girl and makes dynamite!
Blount undergoes the transformation to a werewolf
Islands in the sky