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Godzilla, a gigantic creature from underneath the sea, has been both the bane and the savior of Earth. Godzilla's power is so feared that scientists have begun experimenting on it's DNA and creating artificial G-Cells of the monster's power. A group of aliens, named the Vortek decide to invade the Earth to take away G-Cells created using Godzilla's DNA. They do this by controlling various other gigantic monsters, who will battle amongst themselves. Only a monster with free-will would be able to destroy the Vortek's army and drive away the Vortek.

Godzilla: Save the Earth is a 3-D Fighting game, somewhat of a sequel to Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. Players choose from among 18 monsters, previously seen in Godzilla movies, with which to engage in battle and destruction. The roster includes: Godzilla (1990's version & 2000's version), Mecha-Godzilla (version 2 & version 3), Spacegodzilla, Anguirus, Destoroyah, Gigan, Moguera, Jet Jaguar, Baragon, Rodan, Megalon, Megaguirus, Mothra (in larval & adult forms), Orga, King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah. Each monster comes with a variety of punches, kicks, grabs, throws, blocks and ranged attacks. In addition, each monster has a variety of unique moves activated by combinations of buttons. Many monsters can even fly. Power-Ups can be found that restore health, restore energy, activate Rage mode and target the enemy for Air Strikes.

There are a variety of game modes: Action, Versus, Survival, Challenges and Melee. During Action mode it's one monster against a number of monsters in 1vs1 combat, the number of monsters to be fought dependant on the difficulty settings. Action mode also features mini-challenges such as Bowling, Demolition, Osaka crunch, Rail Shooter, Vorillium Basket Ball, Mother Ship, Protect the Tower, Destroy the City (percentage), Destroy the City (point value), Attack the Navy and more. Many of these are unlocked in the Challenges mode after encountering them. Success in the Action mode (or by picking up G-cells) awards the player with points to unlock Gallery Photos, Arenas and new characters. Versus mode is the multiplayer version of Save the Earth. Survival Mode. Melee mode also feature multiplayer and is a 4-person free-for-all of monster mayhem in a small, contained arena.


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Godzilla: Save the Earth Screenshot
Godzilla: Save the Earth Screenshot
Godzilla: Save the Earth Screenshot
Godzilla: Save the Earth Screenshot

Alternate Titles

  • "ゴジラ怪獣大乱闘 〜地球最終決戦〜" -- Japanese spelling

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User Reviews

This game makes me want to destroy "Destroy All Monsters Melee"! PlayStation 2 Andrew Shepard (1411)

Critic Reviews

1UP PlayStation 2 Dec 02, 2004 7 out of 10 70
1UP Xbox Dec 02, 2004 7 out of 10 70
Jolt (UK) PlayStation 2 Dec 23, 2004 6.8 out of 10 68
IGN Xbox Nov 15, 2004 6.5 out of 10 65
IGN PlayStation 2 Nov 02, 2004 6.5 out of 10 65
GameSpot Xbox Nov 05, 2004 6 out of 10 60
GameSpot PlayStation 2 Nov 05, 2004 6 out of 10 60
GameSpy PlayStation 2 Nov 11, 2004 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars 60
PSX Extreme PlayStation 2 Nov 15, 2004 5.5 out of 10 55 Xbox Dec 13, 2004 7 out of 20 35


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Cut content

  • Titanosaurus, Biollante Hedorah, Varan, MechaGodzilla 74 and Godzilla 54 were all considered to be in the game. Titanosaurus was taken out because of a licensing issue. Biollante was taken out for political reasons for stemming blood from the bad blood between Atari and Pipeworks!
  • Gigan, Jet-Jaguar and Destroyah were all going to have the ability to fly. Gigan had alot of powerful moves so thats why he lost his ability to fly. Jet-Jaguar and Destroyah lost their ability to fly because it was to hard to control it.
  • Rodan was originally going to have a rail shooter level but it was to hard to string up together so it never made through.

Version differences

In the Japanese version of the game Baragons flame does 20% more damage than in the American version. MOGUERA and Godzilla 90's also had their moves do more damage.

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