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Godzilla Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Intro Screen
Title screen (JP).
Level 1
Level 2
Level 15
Level 21
Wait to hit enemies
I'm stuck
I can't kill him
Punching enemies.
Watch out!
Finished everything (JP).

MSX version

Title screen
Play Select screen
Push the rocks and smash them!
There is one rock left to smash. Avoid the enemy dinosaurs.
All rocks are smashed. Two exits appear. Choose an exit.
Push the upper rocks to the muddy floors and they will fall down.
That blue enemy dinosaur can only be killed with a bomb.
Pick an exit before the flying red dinosaur gets you!
The game becomes more challenging as you progress in the game.
In the last screen there are no enemies.
You smashed the wrong rock. You're stuck now! Will you ever find Minira, your girlfriend?
Congratulations, you've found Minira!
Game Over screen.