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Golden Axe II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen (Mega Play Version)
Select player (Mega Play Version)
Game starts (Mega Play Version)
Evil mage (Mega Play Version)
On beast (Mega Play Version)
Time to boss fight (Mega Play Version)
Magic attack (Mega Play Version)
Time to rest (Mega Play Version)
Story progress (Mega Play Version)

Genesis version

Title screen
Select one of the three characters
The dwarf uses magic: stones fall from sky
One-on-one mode...
...which is sometimes one-on-two
The dwarf threatens the poor green mage in a village
The dwarf goes crazy when seeing so many enemies in a forest
This ninja has no chance of beating our dwarf. Note the nice daytime change
Between levels
Everyone is down in the mountains, even this animals doesn't look so good
On the green grass, I was waving my axe at skeletons
Leave me alone, or else I'll shout!
Nice fortress
Two minotaurs trying to stop the hero
In the cave, three ninjas try to bring the dwarf down
Through a volcano
Skeletons on a lava background, magic is scattered around
Trying to access the final fortress
Yes!! I did it! Finished the game, here are the stats
Quick get on that fire breathing dragon!
Fighting in the forest
No would be a good time to use the special magic attack
The dwarf's special magic attack
Jumping slam attack
No fair! 4 on 1!
Tyris using her magic to summon a burning phoenix; pretty spectacular and this isn't even her top-level spell
Ax's magic uses the power of the wind
It just wouldn't be a true beat 'em-up without a two-player co-op mode
Golden Axe 2 also has a two-player vs. mode
Each character has one unique special attack (press jump + slash at the same time); here Gilius takes out two blood skeletons by swinging around his axe
One of the trademarks of the Golden Axe series is the ability to ride several strange beasts; this one delivers a strong kick with its rear legs
Tyris' special attack is this acrobatic back flip
Between the levels there's usually a short intermission where you have to beat up green & red mages to get health- and magic power-ups
You can now pick up an enemy and choose to throw him to the left or to the right; preferably on another enemy of course
If you press the attack button while you're running you'll perform a charging attack
Wind in hair...
enemy can fly? No.
good throw, out of the screen.
duel - second battle
duel - third battle
journey trought the forest... and little, small battle... of course
kick in the bone ass.

Official Screenshots

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