Golden Axe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Meet Death Adder
Meet Ax Battler
Meet Tyris Flare
Meet Gilius Thunderhead
Select Player
GO sign
Stage 1
Boss #1
Increase your powers
The map of the land
Villagers running for their lives
On a dragon
Stage 3
Boss #2
Using Magic
Stage 5
What a face!
Death Adder himself
All the characters come to life in an arcade joint

Amstrad CPC version

One of the character profiles
Choose a character
Stage 1
A villain lies dead on the ground
Continue on your quest
A thief runs away from you
Riding a creature
Using magic
Stage 2
Stage 3
Riding a dragon
I thought I dealt with those two
The knight of death
Stage 7
Passing a huge eagle

Arcade version

Title screen
Select player
Fight! Tyris is furious
Gilius Thunderhead and his axe.
Kick sprites
Ax Battler on turtle's shell
You can ride of dragon - if you gain him
Annoying women. Back to kitchen!
Green sprite gives food
Some story
Red angry dragon
Tyris takes dragon
Dwarf cannot good jump....
Electric power
Knight with sword, armor and shield is troubling enemy
In village
Small explosions...
Tyris' special move
Giant eagle

Atari ST version

Title screen
Select player
Stage 1 - beginning
Stage 1 - dragon riding

Commodore 64 version

Meet Tyris Flare
Meet Gilius Thunderhead
Meet Axe Battler
Meet Death Adder
Select Player
Stage 1
Get the blue thief
An arrow telling you to move on
Axe rides a dragon and extinguishes fire from it
Boss #1
Stage 2
Using Magic
"Kneel before me"
Boss #2
Stage 3
Get the green thief
Stage 4
Game Over
Sleeping dragon
Into the village
Jump attack
Magical attack
Silver knight boss
Stage 5
Green thief - gives an extra live energy
Eagle bridge
Road to the castle
Throne room
Death Adder
Out of the coin-op machine
Time for some real city action

DOS version

Title screen
Choose your destiny...
In game shot
Using the purple thing against enemies is a definite advantage
Surrounded by two warriors near the village
Female warriors are dangerous, female warriors riding dragons are extremely dangerous!
Let's burn these poor enemies!
Having jumped over the broken bridge, you find two female warriors awaiting you.
My axe is bigger than your hammer
Uh oh! We have a problem.
I'll crush your bones pal!
Fighting over the castle bridge
Title screen (EGA)
Tyris hits the thief for magic potions (EGA).
Between the stages you take a break to restore your health (EGA).
Practising some fancy sword moves (EGA).
Tyris uses het magic to summon a dragon (EGA).
Gilius uses his magic (VGA).
Battling in "The Duel" (VGA).
The route to Death Adder's castle.
Ax Battler gets a bad grade.
Title screen (CGA).
Choose your destiny (CGA)
Gameplay in 4-color CGA - note the quality of dithering
Choose your destiny (EGA)
Title Screen - Hercules
Player Selection - Hercules
Gameplay - Hercules
Manual Protection check
Start Stage 1 with message
Killed by Enemy
Game Over
Total Score and Class
Start Stage 1 with message (EGA)
Fighting with BOSS (EGA)
Message for next Stage 2 (EGA)
Start Stage 2 (EGA)
Go! (EGA)
Continue? (EGA)
Title screen (Tandy)
Select warrior (Tandy)
Our first enemies (Tandy)

Genesis version

title screen
Character selection
Gilius Thunderhead the Dwarf
Ax Battler the Barbarian
Tyris Flare the Amazon
Gilius in action
pesky skeletons
Duel mode..
..vs two skeletons
now why would anyone want to hurt someone who looks like this..
..and THIS!
Main menu
With the dragon, life becomes easier
Kill those suckers to get magic items
A dragon in my village?!
Guess it's time to jump!
Thunder magic
Finished the game at beginner level
Female warrior in duel series part one
Next duel
I'm on a Dragon. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Death Adder.

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Double teamed
Double teamed... again
It's a running theme... animal present
The first boss fight
Story sequence
Level 2
Meet my new friend
Up and away!
Level 3
Boss fight level 3
Level 4

TurboGrafx CD version

He might be evil, but he surely appreciates feminine beauty...
Title screen
Select your player!
Intro to Tyris Flame
Oh... my... God
Starting the game as Tyris
Get away from me, you pervert dragon-riding chick!
Now *I* will ride that dragon! And hit those funny blue guys with my tail
Now you've really made me angry...
Halt! Who goes there?..
Unspectacular Game Over screen
Each character has a unique intro

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Ax Battler (no filter)
Tyris Flare (no filter)
Gilius Thunderhead (no filter)
Start of the game
Brutal attack
Throw an enemy (enhanced filter).
Animal ride (enhanced)
Small thief with magic bottles
First boss fight
Magic lightning (no filter)
Flame ghosts
Time to sleep
Red enemies
Volcanoes? No, another type of magic
Giant turtle
You cannot pass!
Big guy with a hammer
In a village
Knight with a big sword
Death from above? Not this time.
First skeleton
Black enemies
Fighting on a giant eagle.
Use the dragon as a ride.
Yet another flame effect
Pink knights
Game Over
Duel mode
He can fly.
Skeletons to kill
Using the flame shot.
Game over
Second battle (TV mode)
Defeated. (TV mode)

WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
Player select
Summoning a dragon
Hit those little guys to get potions
Victory is hard...
Fighting a red guy
The village inhabitants aren't very friendly...
Hey, cool dragon!
Crates & enemies
Battle in front of a castle

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
The story
Players controls
Select player
Main menu
Stage 1 - beginning
Fight with axe...
Increase your magic powers
Go sign after killing all the enemies on board
Tail hit dragon
Level end bosses
Special powers attack
Bonus stage introduction screen
Loading screen
Turtle village stage
Shoulder attack
Fire dragon
Dragons duel
Same time attack
Meat gives more live energy
Third stage
Fireball dragon
Fourth stage
Skeletons squadron
Morgenstern in action
Silver knights
Eagle bridge
Final stage
Riding the dragon
Last supplies before final duel
Death adder
Maximum power magic attack
Final score
Outro sequence
Time for some real action

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