GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
The loading screen displays random game tips.
Starting the infiltration mission with your partner, 006.
Sneaking up James Bond style, quiet and undetected.
Fending off the attackers with a sniper rifle.
I guess they found us... better step on it.
A quick-time event will be triggered in some close combat scenes.
Breach moments will use slow-down motion so you can prioritize your hits.
There are guards everywhere, take them out silently.
Aim for the gas tanks on trucks to take out the enemy that uses them for cover.
Watch out for enemy snipers.
Daniel Craig as James Bond.
Main title from the opening credits
Target practice
Watch out for the enemy Hind.
This place is going to hell, watch where you're treading.
Shoot the barrels to make the enemy flee cover.
Taking out an enemy Hind with surface-to-air missiles.
Close combat
Trying to reach the plane controls before it's too late.
Mission briefing
Use your smartphone to find the person of interest.
He has too much confidence in his security measures.
A lot of guards between me and that EMP shielded helicopter.
No time to stop to admire the view.
Silently dispatching of two guards requires a head shot and three consecutive bullets before the other guard can sound the alarm.
You can go around them or take them out, it's your call.
Taking out the guards on the bridge.
An EMP wave took out planes and helicopters like a bad habit.
Terror on the highway
Unlike the rest of the game, driving a tank is controlled through a 3rd-person perspective.
Helicopters can easily be taken out by missiles, but reloading takes a bit of time.
Shootout at the construction yard
The fact they're firing at me tells me I'm on the right path.
The soldiers came to investigate my plane crash... time to even the odds.
Sometimes it may be hard to spot an enemy sentry.
Hack the automated turret defense to take out the enemy presence without firing a shot.
When approaching silently you'll be able to subdue your opponent quietly.
Using enemy turrets to your advantage.
Watch out the ravine.
Main title
Taking out both guards simultaneously
Enemy's weapons rack... don't mind if I do
Sniping down enemy reinforcements
Clear the way for the truck
Taking pictures of a helicopter
Rifle won't penetrate Hind's armor
Entering the nightclub, uninvited, of course
The pilots are gone
This patrol guard hasn't spotted me yet