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Grand Monster Slam Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Title screen and game selection menu
Hall of fame.
The opponents in the main tournament.
One of the competitors is an octopus of sorts.
Starting a new game.
Sometimes you get to kick a bird at the enemy.
The bird leaves the arena via a rope.
Turned into a fool!
An ogre competitor.
Starting the "Revenge of the Befoms" training mode.
"Faufton Feeding" training game.
Only managed to feed two Fauftons.

Atari ST version

Title screen
The in game main menu
Time to punch!
That's a bad result
Lets hit the targets
Hall of fame
Who will fight who?
info about one of the competitors
The game is on
Hit by a ball
I lost

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Waiting, waiting
The schedule for the first round in the first tournament
Information on an opponent
Oh-oh, the referee...
Well, the king could have taken worse measures after loosing the tournament...
Another opponent
"I've done it! I'm the best!"
The roster is getting smaller.
Ready for Revenge of the Beloms
That did not turn out so well.
Won the first league
Faulton Feeding
The participants of the second league

DOS version

title screen
training 1
training 2
A looser gets the fool's hat
Defeated by the Befoms!
Losers are cut from the championship at once
Before the games, the opponent's are described in an often humorous way
A duel with the minotaur
The final bout of the first round
Running for the victory
The King declares the player worthy of advancement
The second round characters
The knight
As the game progresses, obstacles are placed in the court