Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist...
...and vice president of a biker gang, the Lost
Picking up the gang president after he was released from prison
Arrival at the club house
A shot of the president Billy and his fanboy Brian
Liberty City is as beautiful as ever
Of course there are also a lot of gunfights
Gang members improve their abilities when used in missions
Driving in formation fills up health and repairs the bike
The club house during gameplay
With his phone Johnny can ask his friends for backup or other courtesies
New mini game: cards
New mini game: arm wrestling
Johnny can also start gang wars...
...which means killing a few enemies...
Another activity is participating in racing

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
New character portraits for the loading screens
Johnny Klebitz, VP of The Lost Motorcycle Club.
And President Billy Grey, convincing his parole officer that he's now clean and serene.
Now that Billy's back, there's some leadership friction.
Johnny wants to make money. Billy just wants to have fun. And he'd like his bike too.
Interrogating a mechanic for the location of Billy's bike.
Looks like that rehab didn't really work out for ol' Billy.
Riding in formation grants bonuses to your health.
The Lost club acts as your safehouse.
New TV shows are included. Here, an exciting, homophobic episode of Republican Space Rangers.
You can play High-Low with your buddies for extra cash.
You can also arm wrestle.
Billy and the Lost crew in action.
Or if you REALLY want to be a badass biker club, you could play air hockey.
The leader of a rival gang pays Billy a visit.
Truce no more.
Lots of motorcycle combat. Hope you can aim and drive at the same time.
Using the new sawed-off shotgun to dispense some Lost justice.
Using the new auto shotgun in a gang war mission.
And the new automatic pistol.
Your crew gains experience, toughness, and weapons as they fight with you.
One of the benefits of being in a gang - cheap guns driven to wherever you need them.
The new pipe bombs are some serious explosives.
Heavy use of motion blur for dramatic effect.
You can compete in street races, and whack people off their bikes, Road Rash-style.
The same buddy system from GTA4 is here. Ride with your crew to keep them happy.