Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Screenshots

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iPad version

Tap Screen - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is 10 years old 2002-2012 and now released on more devices. Touch Screen Controlled.
Main menu
Loading Screen
Driving a old 1950's Chevy
Nice Bike
1980 Exotic Sports cars and one is Lamborghini Countach
In depth cutscenes and storyline
Car exploded
In Vice City you can go into gun shops and buy weapons
The Malibu Club a hot dance spot in the 1980s Vice City
Car Graphics are great after taken damage
Fighting Civilians
True Classic 1984 Honda CRX
Stealing a car for a joyride or mission
Money for completing a mission
Getting arrested by Vice Citys Finest
Vice city country club
Cruising on a moped

iPhone version

GTA: Vice City has hit a decade old 2002-2012 and now on iPhone
Main Menu
Loading screen
Storyline cutscene where you begin
Custom music during your gameplay from your iPhone
My first safe house where I can save my game
High jacking a car aka Grand Theft Auto
Unique stunt in a 1980 Camaro
Driving in the sun in a stolen Taxi
Pull up maps are helpful getting around Vice City
Driving a 1984 Honda CRX
Meeting lance in a cutscene
Sniper rifle gang members
Talking to Rossenburg my partner
Stole a nice Lamborghini Murcielago
Flying threw crystal clear waters in a 1980 Speed Boat
Gangs wreck Havoc in Vice City
Driving a stolen army tank for a mission
Nice classic Harley Davidson to steal
Fighting Gangs hand-to-hand Combat
Car damage is nice graphics
Ready to fight at the Country Club
Visiting the Malibu Club
Helicopters help admire Vice City
In my safe House
Police stay busy at night
Police arrest
Side missions like a pizza boy help with cash for weapons
Car explodes
Falling in the water you die because you can't swim
Police Rampage!!!
80's records and cassettes

PlayStation 2 version

80's Cars Ahoy!
Visit Ammunation
Auto-Targetting with Uzi 9mm
Chainsaw Massacre #1
Chainsaw Massacre #2
Visit Clothes Shops to Change Clothes
Fancy a Dip?
Cruising Miami Beach
Cruise to 80s musax
Take part in gang wars
Golf Buggy Silliness
Hammer Time???
Hidden Games A-Plenty
Ice Cream Factory or ... ?
Malibu Club - Too much 80s is never enough!
Inside the Malibu
Loading Screens have cool artwork...
Love the Harley!
Map Screen Comes In Handy...
Monster Truck Madness!
Motor Cycles are soooo good.
Mr Whoopee van sells various, er, "condiments".
Visit North Point Mall - For all your shopping needs.
Sniper Rifle makes a come-back.
This is where you run!

Windows version

Cruising along the strip at night.
The main character, Tommy, being introduced to his first contact, Ken Rosenberg.
Vice City is much more exotic than Liberty City. Palm trees line a majority of the streets.
Changing clothes so I can attend a rich party.
Motorcycles require new methods; they're harder to stop, harder to turn, and you can fall off easier.
This jump looked fine at the beginning. I don't want to think of the landing.
Introducing two main characters; the Colonel and Ricardo.
One new feature lets you enter most buildings, and walk around.
When you see this icon, it means you can buy the building, assuming you have the funds.
While not very helpful, the side view is cool.
Rain makes the city look cool, but it impacts your traction, and you will slide more.
I just bought an apartment. This gives me another place to save my game, and another garage.
Sounds easy enough.
Wow, that was easy. They're all dead!
There's just something appealing about driving a golf cart, with an uzi, while wearing plaid golf clothes.
What an explosion! That building (and it's residents) are no more.
Finally opened up the second area of Vice City.
One of the cooler missions involves you firing a stationary gun from a flying helicopter.
On motorcycles, you can pop wheelies or perform stoppies.
You can fly helicopters to get around the city more quickly. Just don't jump out in mid air.
One of the minigames lets you race in a stock car competition at the stadium.
Disguising myself as a Hatian in order to kill a gang leader.
Cruising along Vice City's waterways in a.... dinghy.
Protecting the boat on the way back home. Let's hope Lance knows how to steer it.
I'd certainly hate to be the guy lying down right now.
You see this mansion? It now belongs to me, and what a glorious mansion it is.
Just like on ground, there are various Unique Jumps for boats.
Oh what a perfect time this would be to have a grenade.
You help out Love Fist, you get to see a concert. A whole ten seconds' worth.
The last job of the porno studio. This is certainly a good publicity stunt, isn't it?
Oh Wow! An AMC Gremlin, sort of.
A 80s Jeep Woody Wagoneer!
Well now ...
Just a little mansion on Starfish Island
Property owner