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Grand Theft Auto Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
When you're in serious trouble ....
.... get a tank.
At the phone booth you get your jobs.
You do not have to drive on the streets. Pedestrians have to watch out.
On the ticker in the upper left you get hints and messages.
Busted! (German)
There are even motorcycles in the game (see on the right side)
Showdown on the bridge.
Gameplay in lo-res mode is less colorful

Game Boy Color version

Title screen.
Selecting a character.
Getting hints
Walking the streets of Liberty City
Stealing a car
To get missions you have to answer the phones
Missions like that
Finding the dumped car you were asked to get
A police car pursuing you
Thought I'd take it for a ride but it says that if my speed drops below 50 it will blow - just like Speed
My criminal stats
Shooting people

PlayStation version

Language selection.
Main menu.
You have several characters to play as.
Mission selection.
You begin missions by answering telephone calls from crime bosses at public phones like these ones.
Laying claim on some roadkill.
As the title of the game suggests, you can cruise in cars. Just not legally obtained ones.
Whilst the game is paused, stats will flash across the top informing you of your progress.
The load screen.
Full map revealed.
Streets of Liberty City
Gangsters just don't have any manners.
Streets of Vice City
On the run (literally) from the law.
Getting busted shows a tally of your recent crimes.
Follow the handy arrow to the next objective.
Streets of San Andreas.
Running a police roadblock
An end to our crime spree.

Windows version

Title screen. As the Rockstar logo indicates, all my shots come from the Rockstar Classics version
Pick a scenario. Once you have completed them all there are three cities available with two scenarios each.
Picking a character
Start of the game. The boss often tells you what to do by calling you on your cell phone
If you want to play a mission, you can start one by picking up the phone
Fleeing the scene after I've blown up the police station with a tanker truck filled with explosives
Besides using a car, you can also travel by train
Jumping over the broken bridge with a motorcycle
Stealing a bike packed with dope from the Hell's Angels. An ambulance arrives to "fix" the dead & wounded (I've used a car to squash the gang)
When the cops are on your tail, give your car a new paint-job in one of these respray-shops to get rid of them (any damage to your car is also repaired).
Some missions involve following a car or a pedestrian...
... which may result in you having to wipe out a bunch of goons. The machine gun is a good weapon for that
In a few missions you get to blow up targets with rigged RC cars. Pretty cool!
If you're short on cash, you can steal a car and bring it to one of these cranes in the harbour. How much you'll get for the car depends on the condition & the rarity of the car.
Doing what you do best; jacking a car. I've used a taxi to block the limo
Wreaking havoc in the city. As the four little heads on the top of the screen indicate, my wanted level is at a maximum. You can steal those fire trucks (and police cars) just like any other vehicle.
After countless criminal deeds, it's getting to hot for you in Liberty City so Bubby sends you to San Andreas.
In San Andreas you start working for the Chinese mafia. Both the cars & surroundings look a bit different from those in Liberty City
If you want to blow something up with a car bomb, you first have to fit some explosives to your vehicle. This can be done at one of these shops for $5000
Some cars or crates will trigger the "Kill Frenzy" mode. That means destroying as much as possible in small amount of time to get a large bonus.
Vice City: Making donuts with a bike on top of a hospital
Caught by the cops. The red & white fence is part of a road block they'll construct if your wanted level is high enough
Mission complete screen with my criminal record. I've been a very bad boy.
When running over a whole group of monks you get a "Gouranga" bonus
Some monks following you
Tank rampage

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