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    As the isolated port town of Parm awakens to the advance of an industrial revolution, Justin, son of an adventurer, likewise blooms with his own spiritual energy. Gaining his power through the Spirit Stone, given to him by his father, Justin heads off on an incredible journey through a land of magic and monsters. Dare you follow?

    Having chosen a character to play, you then embark on an adventure through what turns out to be a huge game with a vast number of variables. Grandia is a traditional RPG that has been enhanced in subtle ways to improve the overall game. Not only does it have an impressive range of sounds and dialogue, but gone are the usual random battles. Instead you influence the outcome of any fighting by the level of your character and the way you approach the bad guys.

    Not only does Grandia provide you with a captivating story line that will appeal to game players of all ages, but also a huge 80 hours plus of game-play to keep the most easily bored amused.

    Grandia. Move over Dungeons and Dragons.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66795) on Dec 05, 2004.