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PlayStation version

Title screen
The long two-part intro animation shows slightly steampunk-like technology...
...the game's heroes in anime fashion...
...and lots of mythical scenes, with this one clearly influenced by Garden of Eden tale
Yeah, I know, this happens to me too when I drink too much vodka. ... ... By the way, this is General Baal, the game's main villain, and he first character you see in-game
Character status screen. This is the obligatory underage girl with the obligatory cute pet
Town maps can be zoomed-out at any time with the press of a button
This is Parm, the first town of the game, and probably the biggest one, too
Nice indoor locations. This here is just a no-name house in Parm
Docks area with a save point
Much later, about halfway through the game - a more experienced party fights physically. Note the dynamism. I've set the tactics on "Play Fair"
Set the party tactics to "Go Wild" - Feena here hurls shurikens at the enemy as a special move
Managing your items. Lots of interesting stuff, actually
This guy looks a lot like one of those Tove Janson's Moomin characters, don't you think?..
Battle in the Tower of Temptation. No, it's not at all what you've just thought. We just get cornered by aggressive enemies a lot
World map. It's just dot-to-dot movement, no exploration. And locations tend to become grayed out way too much
A mysterious hidden city with tanks
Enter this ball and become catapulted towards the walkways
Opening the moves and magic menu during a battle
Impressive entrance to a hangar - you'll have to visit this place quite a few times
Party screen. A reasonably tough one, with four full characters
Many dungeon-like areas are just plain mountain paths or something like that. Enemies look a lot like bugs, too, and are small. Displaying the main command menu
Skill and magic management
Savannah dungeon. Here, 3D plays at least some role
Throwing bombs at lizards! I've always wanted to do this!..
As opposed to the fairly bland dungeons, populated areas in this game often have a cozy, colorful, almost "creamy" vibe
In dungeons, you can only zoom out a bit if you've accessed a special point. It's not particularly helpful, actually
Visiting an inn in one of the villages
Tactics management
Desert dungeon. A visible enemy is approaching
Golden words, dude, golden words!.. Just a bit of philosophical dialogue with an interesting creature in the city of Zil Padon
Item shop. Those icons destroy the atmosphere, in my opinion
This must be Shanghai! Seriously, check out all those hanging clothes!..
Happy boars are trying to attack me
Justin executes one of his most powerful moves
Here you can see the somewhat interesting usage of 3D, with two walkways on top of each other
A quiet day in the Laine village
A late-game dungeon. As usually in Japanese RPGs, it means organic materials begin to prevail
Casting a powerful ice spell
Climbing down. Enemies are watching, as always
Late-game decisive boss battle. Check out his attack! Impressive, right?..

SEGA Saturn version