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Granny's Garden Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Splash screen
At the beginning, you'll have to guess which tree is the magic one.
After finding the correct tree, you've arrived at the Kingdom of the Mountains!
A little back-story
The task that you have been assigned with is to find the missing children.
This (blue) raven's your guide.
Before you can go in, you have to put in the secret word.
There are 4 locations to choose from in the house.
The hall
There's a snake on those stairs!
The witch has appeared!
A child has been rescued!
Talking fungi? That's just unusual.
One of our friends, the butterfly, helped us out!
The slow, but safe, snail has protected us from those falling nuts!
The second child has been saved!
This looks really asiatic! (If you know what I mean.)
Whenever Ah-Choo brings up favorite foods, he'll sneeze!
The dragons are going off to dinner.
Attempting to tame the dragons with food.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
You can start in section 2 if you've already completed section 1
I've waited all these years to see this game... I can wait a few minutes more
A real splash screen
A gatekeeping grid puzzle
Into the fantasy realm!
Setting up the story
Your mission
Doesn't matter; like Cedrick in KQ5, you're stuck with him
I hope I haven't spoiled the puzzle for too many
This looks kind of like Zork! For people with poor vision!
This amounts to a game over screen; you will be seeing a lot of it.
What more adventuring gear could one ask for?
One of those inventory items will vanquish this arbitrary obstacle, but maybe not the one you thought.
One child rescued, five to go!
Nothing says education quite like accidental psychedelia.
I'll thank you for not going into any further detail.
Exploring an Eastern realm
Ah-choo's favourite food is the same as MINE! How did he know? (Oh yeah, it asked me earlier...)
Charming textmode graphics
One of the game's most notorious puzzles, completed!
A still further section; visiting every location in the correct sequence is key.
Go ahead, do your worst!
Pleased to meet you! I'm the Player of the Software of Nostalgia.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
You have to select which tree is the magic one
Once past the trees you emerge in the kingdom of the mountains
You are tasked the king and queen to find there 6 missing children
The blue raven flies majestically towards you
The blue raven becomes your guide and helps you through this section of the game
The woodcutters house where you need to find the secret word
Inside the house you have 4 choices of where to go
Picking up the red broom isn't the way to go here
The old witch appears after you try to pick up the red broom
You are informed by the raven that you will have to start again
The second part is set in the garden and you need to use a certain insect to proceed further
The spider cannot help you past the ants
The worm digs a hole under the ants allowing you to pass through
A nasty black dog is coming for you choose wisely
The bee sting the dog on the bottom (butt)
The spider allows you to get up the tree
You have saved the second child
You need to play the other side of the tape to progress further
The city of the Dragons
This is Achoo your favourite food makes him sneeze
The big dragons have gone off to dinner
You need to tame the baby dragons one by one
These collars will help tame the dragons
Be careful not to run out of food or the witch will come for you
Taming the first dragon is easy
Finding the right combination of bait is the key here

Official Screenshots

  • Granny's Garden Screenshot
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  • Granny's Garden Screenshot
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