Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Construct detail screen. Earn new constructs by leveling up.
Constructs selection screen. Map them for fast access to your controller buttons.
Meet Ryan Reynolds ... err I mean Hal Jordan
Scene from the intro with Kilowog and Sinestro.
The Manhunters attack!
Use your ring the create a defensive energy shield.
Ingame tutorial to learn the attacks
Use Ring Blaster to shoot flying enemies
Prepare to fly to a new location
You earned the War Hammer construct. Have fun!
Disable the siege towers of the Manhunters in order to stop their invasion.
The Manhunters will swarm you
Disable the teleporters to prevent Manhunters reinforcements.
Recharge your ring using the lantern.
Upgrades menu
Your first major boss, a Manhunter Ultra.
Show him who is boss using the Gatling Gun
Flying sequence
Disable bigger enemies using QTE and button smashing techniques
Grapple enemies for throwing fun
Use the Hover Mine to open walls
Meet Queen Aga'po ...
... she will aid you in battle
Slow-motion finisher
Use the Baseball Bat the sent back the energy ball
Another mini boss fight, you need to protect the Queen
A Willhunter attacks
The game has some very easy riddles as well
Use the Gatling Gun to make room
Grab a energy ball to open doors
If you active surge mode during a flying sequence, you will become a jet.
Collect these meteorites to upgrade your health or energy
Jump over these to avoid damage
The blue containers will fill up your health bar ...
... and the green ones your ring energy bar
The Manhunters attack the central power battery. Defeat them fast!
You will also get boss fights during the flying sequences