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Gremlins 2: The New Batch Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
It's Gizmo
Main menu
High scores
Game starts
You are dead
On a lift
Movie scene
Copyright info
Using laser weapon
On a desk
Electric gremlin ahead
Game over
High score entry

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Skater Gremlin

Atari ST version

Title screen
Out of the box
Copyright info
Main menu
Game start
What would Newton make of that apple?
Watch out for those lockers
An upgrade weapon
Watch the gremlin as you jump here
Can't get those tokens right now
This weapon shoots both ways
Game over
High score entry
I'm officially Better Than Harry
Multiple ledges here
First aid could be useful
Something's brewing

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main menu
Start of the game.
Shoot the Gremlins.

DOS version

Title screen
Intro scene
High Scores
Start of the game
Billy's running around the lab trying to avoid projectiles.
Jumping up on this counter will help me reach that flashlight.
Gizmo parachutes in to help.
About to flashlight a gremlin.
Running for the elevator.
How am I gonna reach that? And more importantly I wonder if there's a sale at Fanelli...

MSX version

You start here
Catch the gremlins
Watch your back
Ready? Go!
The kitchen
The lab
Use the elevator

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen 1
Load screen 2
Load screen 3
Load screen 4 - credits & copyright
Game menu
Action key redefinition displays one key at a a time. The keys are Fuego(fire), Salto(jump), Abajo(down), Izo(left), Der(right), and Pausa
The start of the game. The player arrives in the lift, the doors open, the character steps out, and the game commences. The game starts with 4 lives
Not very far in and Gremlins on pogo sticks drop from the ceiling behind the character
Contact with a gremlin costs a life - the falling ones on pogo sticks have taken two already. Here the character is positioned to stand and shoot them as they land
Not too much further on and there are more and more Gremlins. Even when the skateboarding Gremlin is killed contact with the skateboard costs a life
There are lots of places to jump onto, the backs of the chairs is not an obvious one
This looks like a bonus item but to get it the player must turn their back on a cascade of pogo-ing Gremlins
Bonus item retrieved, though it costs a life. Now the character seems to be shooting cherries or hearts at them
Moving on - on top of a filing cabinet. The drawers move in & out to make steps and this is a bridge to the next gantry
Beset by Gremlins in roll-cages and with jet-packs
The 'Game Over' screen