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PlayStation 2 version

The obligatory "You've never used a guitar controller before, have you?" screen.
Title screen.
You can name your band - er, profile when you begin.
After you name your band, you can pick one out of eight available characters, each with their own personality (but no real advantages over each other.)
Oh yeah, you can choose between three different guitars, too.
Musicians always get stuff for free, don't they?
Once you're set up, you can change settings or head right into the game.
Ah, your first gig. You'll never forget that basketball court even if you wanted to.
You only start out with four available songs to choose from, but each new location has five songs to beat.
Here's the main game screen. Your ROCK bar and Star Power are low. You'll have to fix that yourself.
Demo tapes have gone to heaven. Oh yeah, you get some good tips during the loading screens, too.
As you get more consecutive, and well timed shreds, your multiplier goes up.
Hit all the Star frets to raise your Star Power!
Using the Strum bar during extended Star notes will give you a small Star Power boost.
Star Power Ready! Know what that means?
It's time to rawk hard!
Your multiplier score doubles, and your Rock bar fills up quite fast.
You'll need Star Power to get past some sections. Believe me, you will.
Moby Games rocked the house!
Wait... why's the room going dark?
They liked your music so much, they want you back again!
You can spend your hard earned cash at the store, buying new guitars.
Be grateful this game didn't include a microphone, you'd never be able to sing THIS song.
Your shred-fu is weak, grasshopper!
The game teaches you how to use your plastic guitar, but it doesn't teach you how to use nail polish and other wrist accessories.
Practice mode lets you choose the whole song, or just a section that you just can't rock through.
The best part about practice mode? No crowd to boo at you when you suck.

Xbox 360 version

Animated intro. Two rockers face off.
Main menu
Pick a song from the setlist. Beat groups to unlock more.
The loading screens offer hints and trivia.
Taking the stage.
Press the buttons on the guitar controller as the notes scroll toward you.
Your score multiplier rises as you make no mistakes.

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