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Gulf Strike Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Loading splash screen
Game Title
Select number of players
Game start top left corner of battle map
Select and move/place units before ending turn
Single player game after ending turn allows the computer to move/place forces
Two battle phases first Air then Ground combat
During Air/Ground combat phases real-time results of combat success/fail are reported

Atari 8-bit version

Company brand logo
Title screen
Game setting-up
Game start
Considering invading Iran? Nothing changes

Commodore 64 version

Publisher during program load
Game title and copyright
Number of players selection
Setting for difficulty level (easy, med, hard)
Game start battle map upper left corner
Adjust and move forces before ending turn which the computer will then move and place enemy forces
Computer placement of enemy forces
Two phases of battle outcome status first Air Phase
Results reported during combat phases success/failure
Ground unit hits from Air Phase
Second Ground Combat Phase then turn is returned to player for status, move, and placement (cycle repeats)

DOS version

Title screen -- choose your resolution
Game settings
Your turn starts
The tactical, textmode map
Commands for ground and naval phase
List of potential destinations
Reduced overview map
List of vulnerable airports
Map legend
List of units on a square
Our planes fight their planes
Ground-to-air combat
End of turn changes
Turn by turn analysis
End-of-game objective comparison
America's up! (CGA, composite)
Changing formations (CGA, composite)
Moving some ground units around (CGA, composite)
And now for the aerial assault (CGA, composite)
Dealing death from above (CGA, composite)
Map legend (CGA, composite)