GunForce Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Jungle landing
Fighting in the jungle
Heavy cannon
Armored vehicle
Under heavy fire
Helicopter ride
Final duel
Mission complete
Mission briefing
Heavy guarded ladder
Platform transport
Final battle
Heading to communication tower
Using jet pack
Surrounded on the ladder
Destroy satelite's
Into the command base
On the motorbike
Armored track
Last point of resistance
Enemy fortress
On the pontoon
Base defense system
Last defense tower
Underground infiltration
Duel with tank
Killed by laser gunner
Highscore table
Taking the elevator
Under heavy fire, note the usable mech
Battling an alien boss

SNES version

Title screen
Parachuting in
Starting out
Shooting enemies with the normal gun
A destroyed enemy
Upgrade to turn the gun into an automatic
An enemy firing a cannon
Shooting at the cannon
A destroyed cannon
An enemy firing from above
An enemy in a vehicle
Shooting up
Taking control of a vehicle
Watch out for the helicopter
Climbing a ladder
Continue screen
Enemies with jetpacks
Firing a different type of weapon
A boss
Destroyed some of it
The boss is defeated
Mission complete
Giving myself a pat on the back
The supply depot
Yet another different weapon type
Riding a platform
Shooting crates to find items
Game over
Enter a name for the high score list
High score list