Gunmetal Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Company name during startup
Main menu with credits
First view at start of game
Mission briefing console
Game title (from the animated intro).
Plot related information is displayed during level loading (demo version).
First mission briefing.
One of the customization menus for the player's craft.
This is the transit gate which takes the player to mission locations.
RPV customization room (640x400). The game supports a variety of screen resolutions.
Tutorial level: the Testing Range. Hover drones aren't just for target practice, they fire back at you.
The obligatory but picturesque sewer area of the tutorial level. Check out the reflections in the water.
A drone gets hit by a direct cannon shot. Lighting effects ensue.
Doom style overhead map is available by pressing F9.
More target practice in an open arena-like area.
Level stats.
The first mission: guard duty.
Suddenly the place is full of enemy forces! The "static" effect on the screen means that the player's craft takes damage.
Another mission, another spectacular place to duke it out with some enemy tanks.
It's coming straight at us!
Using a flame-thrower against a hover bot.
Against an enemy hovertank in the water (640x480).
They're firing rockets this time!
A very close encounter with a hostile.
Enemies teleport in.
Fighting underwater.
A pack of enemy flying drones.
An advertising billboard.
Zooming in on a friendly Nataka RPV.
In the middle of an attack at the Nataka Tower.
One of the many billboards in the city.
Office space inside the tower. The RPV is small enough to navigate the rooms, but too large to ride an elevator.
This is the high-ranking Nataka manager you need to rescue.
Night mission at the Nataka Tower (3dfx in DOSBox w/ nGlide).

Official Screenshots

  • Gunmetal Screenshot
    GameOver review, 1998-08-09
  • Gunmetal Screenshot This screenshot is also featured on the back of the game's box.
    GameOver review, 1998-08-09
  • Gunmetal Screenshot
    GameOver review, 1998-08-09
  • Gunmetal Screenshot
    GameOver review, 1998-08-09
  • Gunmetal Screenshot
    GameOver review, 1998-08-09