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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Family Computing, January 1988:
    The New Entertainment Standard For IBM’-PC's & Compatibles

    In the early '80's
    , IBM computer owners couldn't find any "fun" software on the shelves to fill those "after business" hours... there just wasn't much out there. Then MicroSoft introduced "Flight Simulator", a great program that's trained a whole generation of armchair computer pilots and set the standard for IBM entertainment software.

    But this is 1987... and software buyers with IBM-PC's and compatibles are now looking for a new challenge... searching for excitement... and innovation.

    Well the search is over!

    MicroProse Software presents... GUNSHIP... the attack helicopter simulation that sets a new standard of excellence in entertainment software for IBM-PC/compatible software.

    Are you bored with simple line graphics? GUNSHIP displays filled, solid-object 3D graphics in fine detail and color.

    Do you need more realistic flight characteristics? GUNSHIP gives you the industry's smoothest animation with a unique dynamic configuration system. The faster your machine operates, the smoother the flight and animation of graphics will be.

    Are you tired of just flying around and looking at scenery? In GUNSHIP, you pilot an AH-64 Apache helicopter, the modern Army's most lethal weapon, on combat missions that require split-second timing, lightning reflexes and intense concentration. Different skill levels make it easy to learn, but difficult to master.

    So if you're tired of sightseeing and want to experience the exhilaration of high-tech combat flight simulation... look for GUNSHIP... the new entertainment standard for IBM-PC/XT/AT/PS2 and compatibles (not PC-Jr.).

    GUNSHIP supports 320x200-line CGA (4 color), EGA (16 color) or Tandy (16 color) and can be operated using a joystick and/or keyboard controls. The simulation requires 256K of memory and can be installed on a hard disk drive.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 05, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Climb into the cockpit of America’s most advanced helicopter: the AH-64 Apache GUNSHIP. Race low and deadly over the treetops at 200 m.p.h.. Then lock onto your target with Hellfire missiles and 30mm cannon as you deliver a powerful punch against the enemy! They’ll retaliate with massive armored force but it’s up to you and GUNSHIP to extinguish their threats and survive!

    GUNSHIP is another in the excellent line of real-life simulations from MicroProse. As part of the brave airborne cavalry of today’s modern Army, you, the pilot, will experience all the action, excitement, daring and suspense of attack helicopter combat under the most challenging conditions!

    • Full simulation of high-speed, low-level helicopter flight.
    • Advanced high-tech weapons systems and instrumentation.
    • Revolutionary 3-D graphics including all types of terrain.
    • Hundreds of exciting missions in combat hotspots around the world.
    • Rewards for successful missions including medals and rank promotions.
    • Comprehensive Flight Operations Manual and keyboard overlay.

    GUNSHIP’s outstanding out-the-cockpit 3-D graphics put you in the middle of all the action! See what danger lurks ahead using the unique zoom TV camera capabilities of your CRT display, Carefully monitor the cockpit instruments and gauges for the latest flight data.

    Critical decisions are required from information provided by maps, stores and damage displays. All GUNSHIP flying maneuverability is based on the real helicopter so you can rotate, hover, sideslip, fly backwards or go into a screaming powerdive! Even try an autorotation landing (no engine) like a real pilot!

    Your GUNSHIP adventures are varied and intense. The only standard ingredients found in every mission are danger and excitement! To begin a GUNSHIP adventure you must decide how brave you feel today, determine how difficult a mission you are willing to undertake, receive your intelligence briefing and arm your Apache GUNSHIP accordingly. Then it’s up to you!

    Take an assignment to the jungles of Southeast Asia or Central America to take on thirdworld guerillas.. or out to the Middle East deserts to test your tank-busting skills, Upon return, you’ll be rewarded with medals and promotions on your way to becoming one of the bravest and greatest GUNSHIP helicopter pilots of all time!

    Contributed by Trixter (9117) on Oct 29, 1999.