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Gunship Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Vehicle identification
Pilot status
Choose your duty assignment
What style of missions will you fly?
The mission briefing
Region map
Arming your AH-64A
Attacking an enemy bunker
He's close enough to fire the Sidewinder
System status
Night sortie
Everything can be destroyed with the 30mm cannon
Our troops
Incoming transmission
All objectives complete, time to land...
What now?
Awarded medals
AH-64A pilot roster & service records
Received the Congressional Medal of Honor

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Mission objectives
Let's fly and kill.
Map view

Atari ST version

Title screen
The copy protection
Pilot info
Select what kind of missions you want i.e. difficulty level
Pilot selection screen
Game options
Choosing duty assignment
Training briefing
Combat briefing
Are you a man or a mouse?
Pre-flight checklist
Setting up your weapons and equipment
Map over the area
On the launchpad at daytime
Stores status, all is green!
System damage screen
Locking on on friendly troops
Oops, I fired at my own men
Enemy in sight
I'm going down
This does not look good
What should I do now?
I went MIA (Game over)

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Vehicle identification (copy protection)
Main menu / Pilot info
Choose from five different scenarios.
What style of missions will you fly?
Your mission objectives and OPS password.
G-2 intelligence briefing
The pre-flight checklist.
Arming your AH-64A Apache.
Ready for take-off.
Flying a sortie in the Middle East.
I must land to rearm and repair my chopper.
Region map
Using Hellfire missiles to destroy enemy tanks.
The Mi-24 is in range, I could use the cannon.
I was lucky this time!
Flying a night mission.
Congratulations, you have been promoted to Warrant Officer.
What next?
Receiving a medal.

DOS version

Title Screen
Pilot Info
Credits (Version 429.01 / EGA)
Identification (EGA)
Intro Screen (EGA / Version 429.04)
Intro Screen (CGA / Version 429.04)
Microprose Logo (CGA)
Identification (CGA)
Incorrect identification (CGA)
Microprose Logo (EGA)
Incorrect identification (EGA)
Title screen (EGA / version 429.01 - 429.05)
Title screen (CGA / version 429.05 only with intro)
Greatest Gunship Missions.
The Congressional Medal of Honor - the highest award that you can get.
Receiving a medal.
Title Screen (CGA)
Ready for Launch (CGA)
Mission Map (CGA)
Stores Status Display
Target Message
Radio MSG
Second Target Destroyed!
Surv Radar Alert
Enemy Inf
Enemy Base
MI-24 Hind
Fatal Crash!

FM Towns version

Title screen
Even though this FM Towns version is on CD it still has the vehicle identification copy protection scheme
Pilot status
Mission briefing
Options screen
Arming the AH-64A
Receiving a radio transmission
Stores status display
Okay, time for take-off

MSX version

Title screen
Roster screen
Mission screen
Mission briefing
Map screen
Let's cross that river
I think they're shooting at me
Above an enemy installation
That's it

ZX Spectrum version

Loader / Title
Flight configuration
Duty assignment
Pre-flight weapons loading
Game start
Ammo stores
Damage status
Battle map
Begin flying searching for targets
Picking up SAM warnings
SA-13 moble SAM launcher - targeting
Hitting target
Moving in close for the kill