Gun.Smoke Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game start
Too close for comfort
A body underneath me
Passing a typical Wild West building
Differently-dresed foes on screen now
Multiple fire
All a bit hectic
He's dead
Level 2 enemy
The road on level 2 is more winding
A fork of sorts
Level 3 takes place on a railway track, complete with tumbleweed
Literally 'on' the track too, but be careful of sticky movement across the rails
The train is coming
Level 4 is on a raft
In good range here
Too far up the screen to escape trouble now

Arcade version

Title screen
Kill enemy
Watch out, behind in window enemy shoots!
Life lost
Well is checkpoint
Game Over
Bonuses are in barrels
Purple guys
Small lake
On horse
Boss fight
Bad guy eliminated
Next target
Little town

Commodore 64 version

Guess the well-known yellow letters came later.
Title screen
Main menu
Let's go get this guy!
Ready, steady, shoot
One hit and you're dead.
This guy comes with knifes to gun fight.

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen, with animated sheriff
The crook of phase 1
It's a mean and dirt town
Killed by the crooks
These cowboys shoot back at you!
Wouldn't mind visiting the saloon right now...
Looks deceive
What would a western be without tumbleweed?
A fork in the path
Almost looks like one of the Dalton brothers
Luckily, the robbers have stopped the train
The manoeuvring space is getting narrower and narrower

NES version

Title screen
Introductory cinematic
The first level boss
Getting ready to pick up a bag of money
Getting shot by the bad guys...
...and bolting back into action.
Not only cowboys, but... the ninjas.
In the Indians' camp
Like true cowboy you can buy a horse
Boss is defeated. Let's hunt for the next.
Dead town
Top-down horse shooter.
Gold & villains
Like a duel

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu - the gunman is even animated
Do some rewinding
The first bandit we're after - why do we get less money for the first guy than in the other conversions?
The standard enemies look more like ninjas than like gunmen.
Apart from the obvious reasons, having few enemies on screen is a very good thing as the game suffers from heavy slow downs.
Got shot