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A truly stunning action game, with surprises and magic at every turn Genesis Martin Smith (66869)
Did I Miss Something? Genesis Liam Dowds (51)
Gunstar! GUNSTAR!! GUNSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!! Genesis Satoshi Kunsai (2085)

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Genesis 72 4.0
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Combined User Score 72 4.0

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GenesisGamePro (US) (Feb, 1994)
This cart doesn't blast open new territory, but it soups up a standard shoot-out game with murderous action, excellent controls and imaginative gamer design. Gunstar Heroes is a certified Genesis gun star.
GenesisGamesFirst! (Feb 20, 2006)
The game is over ten years old now, and I still prefer it to the majority of game offerings that exist today, especially when I am playing it on the extreme difficulty level, which is pure madness. I have never actually beat the game on Extreme-- I just love the chaos, which makes normal games seem boring by comparison. So if you can find a copy of Gunstar Heroes, I highly recommend it. I would also suggest keeping an eye out for the Game Gear version of this game that also did not get much attention and was released a couple years later. It was almost enough to get me to buy a Game Gear. Almost.
100 (Jul 26, 2004)
Gunstar Heroes is simply one of the best games ever made, period. Too many games use beautiful graphics and stellar effects to cover up a lack of game play instead of complimenting it. Gunstar proves that both can exist in tandem and produce awesome results. Play it. Buy it. Savor it. This is as good as it gets.
GenesisSega Collectors Guild (Mar 19, 2004)
This is one of the greatest action games of all time. It is one of the greatest 16-bit games of all time. It needs to be in your game library. It almost sounds like I'm trying to brainwash you. Sorry about that. Seriously though. Gunstar Heroes is an excellent game. Unless you absolutely despise action games and shooting games, you'll enjoy it. It's Treasure at its best, and that's saying something. If it weren't for the minor issue of slowdown in the two-player mode, you'd be looking at a flawless game.
GenesisLens of Truth (Apr 01, 2009)
The tight controls and great weapon combinations, the fantastic action-packed graphics and sound make Gunstar Heroes my choice for best run & gunner of all time. Its also the best game to ever be released for the Sega Genesis and if your at all a fan of the genre, I can’t recommend you to play this game enough. Treasure has gone on to make more incredible games but GH was their first and still one of their best.
GenesisOJGames (Jul 13, 2005)
Hay veces que un juego es capaz de hacer vender consolas. Hay otras veces que un juego marca estilo y crea pautas que otros muchos siguen después. Son pocas las veces que una compañía se estrena con un juego que consigue ambas cosas, y Treasure lo hizo con "Gunstar Heroes". Un grandísimo juego, emocionante, sobresaliente a nivel gráfico y frenético en la jugabilidad. Con todas las señas de identidad que su compañía impregnaría después en cada producción y, sobre todo, sobrado de carisma. Algo que hace que sus seguidores se cuenten por legiones años después de la desaparición de los 16 bits. Pronto podremos volver a disfrutar del juego en una versión para Playstation 2 llamada "Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box", donde también se incluirán los clásicos "Alien Soldier" y "Dynamite Headdy".
GenesisShin Force (Jul 23, 2004)
Gunstar Heroes is a classic in every sense of the word. I'm not joking when I say that Gunstar Heroes is perhaps the best side scrolling shoot 'em up ever to grace a 16 bit console. Fans of this game should seriously consider checking out Treasure's Alien Soldier for more explosive action.
GenesisGame Freaks 365 (Jul 06, 2007)
Simply put, Gunstar Heroes is a frenetic, fast-paced treasure (no pun intended) that any Genesis, or Wii owner for that matter, should not overlook. This could easily be classified as one of the best games ever created. It just goes to show how fun video games used to be and can still be today. This is the type of game that instead of building dust on a collector's shelf should be building a new generation of gamers. Forget Halo and Grand Theft Auto, this is the real deal. This is what video games are meant to be like.
GenesisPlayer One (Nov, 1993)
Un jeu novateur à la réalisation incroyable qui vous fera passer de folles nuits d'amour avec votre Megadrive.
GenesisMean Machines (Oct, 1993)
A stunning title both in appearance and the gameplay it offers. Gunstar Heroes sets a new standard for the Megadrive - for action titles at least.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Jan 04, 2006)
Gunstar Heroes is loaded with laugh-out-loud humor, and I'll never forget the flea-sized "boss" who tossed me clear across the screen! Its cool how the life meters of bosses take the form of numeric counters - it's always satisfying to watch them count down. Despite its overall greatness, there are a few minor flaws. First, in two-player mode the players look very similar, so it's easy to confuse them in the heat of the battle. When in close proximity, you often throw your partner inadvertently. Also, your score is never displayed after the game ends, so your only real goal is to finish the game. That's okay, because there are three skill levels and it's not very long to begin with. Collectors and shooter fans should try to track down Gunstar Heroes at all costs. This game pushes your Genesis to the limit!
With killer music and graphics, this is a real winner!
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Sep 10, 2015)
3D Gunstar Heroes é das melhores experiências em jogos de acção disponíveis no catálogo da 3DS. Trata-se de uma conversão tão bem executada que é mesmo difícil interiorizar que o jogo já tem mais de duas décadas, pois não se encontra datado em absolutamente nenhum aspecto, ainda para mais com o vasto leque de novas opções que a M2 introduziu. Difícil, caótico e excêntrico, 3D Gunstar Heroes é acima de tudo e principalmente uma coisa: divertido.
90 (Sep 04, 2009)
Souvent qualifié de nos jours de «Metal Slug de la Megadrive», la toute première mouture de chez Treasure est un moment de jeu intense et épique qui bluffera le plus réfractaire à la machine de Sega par une réalisation au top. Le plaisir de jeu sera également doublé avec le mode 2 joueurs en coopération. Un «must-have», encore bien difficile à se procurer en PAL...
90 (Jul 02, 2010)
Très apprécié des joueurs et de la presse spécialisée lors de sa sortie originelle sur Megadrive, le titre de Treasure s'est imposé en tant que référence du jeu d'action à l'époque. L'originalité de l'architecture des niveaux et les nombreuses modifications de gameplay qui ont lieu en cours de partie le rendent toujours aussi accrocheur qu'en son temps. Tout le monde peut y trouver son compte ; simple joueur en quête d'adrénaline ou gamer à la recherche de défis, le jeu s'adapte à tout le monde grâce à ses modes de difficulté savamment dosés. Pour peu que vous sachiez apprécier un bon jeu d'action, vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés : ce titre a tout les atouts pour vous ravir. Il n'a pas fallu attendre que Treasure se fasse la main avant de sortir des hits incontournables, Gunstar Heroes est là pour le prouver.
WiiNintendo Life (Dec 12, 2006)
The game itself can be completed quite quickly but it has to be remembered that there were no save states in the original Megadrive release of the game. The Virtual Console version improves on this with the built in suspension points so you can break up your game into several sessions if you just want a quick blast. This is a must-have title for the Virtual Console and should be downloaded without hesitation!
90 (GAF) (Apr 21, 2003)
Gunstar Heroes is still a common game mentioned when bringing up the topic of best side-scrolling shooters ever made, and both Gunstar Heroes and Radiant Silvergun are the games Treasure is most well-known by. Some believe Treasure suffers from the Orson Welles complex, having given their best stuff right at the start. But as long as Treasure continues to make quality titles, the opportunity will always be available...
WiiGamestyle (Mar 28, 2007)
So, is it worth owning a 14-year-old Mega Drive game on your shiny new Wii? Well, in the case of Gunstar Heroes, yes. Despite the fact it's a little short, it retains that addictive gameplay and clean presentation it had on its original release. It provides a challenge, yet never infuriates, has a two player mode, great music and will cost you only 800 points. Gunstar Heroes isn't just one of the best Mega Drive games - it's not just one of the finest 16-bit titles - it is one of the most superb pieces of code ever written. And how many debuts from a developer can you say that about?
WiiIGN (Dec 11, 2006)
Gunstar Heroes has been re-released since its initial debut, first in a port to the portable Sega Game Gear system and then to the PS2 in a collection called Treasure Box – but that only came out in Japan. This Virtual Console release, then, is the first chance American gamers have had to grab the game since its original Genesis days. Action fans, especially those with a friend to play co-op with, shouldn't wait. Download now.
WiiMag'64 (Feb 17, 2010)
Treasure hat das Run’ n’ Gun –Genre bereits auf dem Mega Drive lupenrein umgsetzt und begeistert mit der schnellen Non-Stop-Action, die problemlos von der Hand geht, heute noch genauso wie damals. Man darf allerdings keinen epischen Umfang von dieser Art von Spiel erwarten, obwohl der spaßige Kooperationsmodus und die verschiedenen Waffen-Upgrades diesen recht gut zu kompensieren wissen. Actionfans: Bitte zugreifen! Sofort!
GenesisMegablast (Dec, 1993)
Auch grafisch setzen die Gunstars Maßstäbe, denn Zoom- und Dreheffekte sind an der Tagesordnung. während Hundertschaften von Sprites gleichzeitig durch die megabunten Landschaften stürmen, die in einem Höllentempo in alle Richtungen scrollen - und nirgends ist auch nur das geringste Ruckeln oder Flackern zu sehen! Die Opto-Orgie wird von mitreißenden Musikstücken und knalligen Sound-FX begleitet, die Steuerung läßt nach kurzer Eingewöhnung selbst komplexe Manöver locker von der Hand gehen. Fazit: Ein Actionspektakel, bei dem man das Joypad so schnell nicht wieder aus der Hand legen wird.
Game GearMean Machines (Feb, 1996)
Few surprises here, but a broad and varied shoot 'em up with real lastability.
GenesisPlay Time (Oct, 1993)
Wohl nur die wenigsten werden das Programmierer-Team Treasure kennen. Das könnte sich aber nach diesem Spiel schnell ändern, schließlich schufen diese Mannen ein in allen Belangen sauberes Actionspiel.
GenesisVideo Games (Sep, 1993)
Alles in allem finde ich keinen schwerwiegenden Kritikpunkt. Jeder Actionfreund, der seinen Schweiß mal wieder in Rinnsalen vom Körper fließen lassen will, muß sich dieses Modul zulegen.
WiiNintendojo (2007)
Gunstar Heroes is a solid, if somewhat short, action game that was innovative in its time, and it is a game that still holds up reasonably well today. As with all VC games, there are some faults in the game that are more apparent in light of modern standards, but fans of Contra-style co-op action will eat this sort of thing up.
GenesisPower Play (Nov, 1993)
Das fetzt gewaltig! Sind zwei Gunstar-Ballerknaben gleichzeitig unterwegs, geht auf dem Bildschirm tüchtig die Post ab. Hier wird geröstet, da gelasert, dort explodiert. - Was stört's, wenn dabei die Grafik mal in die Knie geht und leichte Ruckelansätze zeigt. Sega hat so viele witzige Ideen in dem Modul untergebracht, daß man guten Gewissens nachsichtig wird. Allein schon durch die Würfelspieleinlage im vierten Level und die abgedreht schrägen Comicgegner lohnt sich der Kauf des Moduls. Durch die pflegeleichte Kombinierbarkeit der Waffen wird auch ballertechnisch für reichlich Abwechslung gesorgt. Eine wichtige Einschränkung muß man allerdings machen: Gunstar Heroes sollte man sich nur im Doppelpack geben – sitzt man allein vorm Mega Drive, wird auch der Spielspaß halbiert. Wer auf der Suche nach einem unkomplizierten, witzigen und originellen Actionspiel wird, darf loswüten.
GenesisNetjak (Jan 16, 2008)
In some ways, I feel almost bad taking cracks at Gunstar Heroes. For a company's first game, it's extremely well-made, and the control scheme alone makes it worth going through the game, particularly in its seamless two-player mode. However, the game's shortness combined with its blatant missteps means that this is a classic that only more dedicated gamers will really appreciate. Like any first work, it's a bit raw at times – but because it saves its best for the moments that matter most, Gunstar Heroes is the kind of initial offering anyone would be proud of.
WiiGameSpot (Dec 19, 2006)
By 1993, the Sega Genesis had long since grown into maturity, and many fans of Sega's 16-bit console started to think they'd seen it all. Then came Gunstar Heroes, from a previously unheard-of Japanese developer called Treasure, and it became one of the best run-and-gun action games available for a system that had already seen dozens of such games. Gunstar Heroes draws its influence from great arcade hits like Contra, Strider, and Street Fighter II but features its own distinct style, manic action for one or two players, and various innovative touches that make this still one of the best games of its kind. A cult classic if ever there was one, Gunstar Heroes isn't one of the most recognizable names from the Genesis era despite being one of the better games for the system, so it's fortunate you can now experience it in a pixel-perfect emulation as part of the Wii Virtual Console service.
GenesisOriginal Gamer (Jun 28, 2009)
Overall, this is a great game to try out. It's a cheap, fun hour or two of fun by yourself, and double that fun with a friend. If you played Gunstar Heroes way back when, you'll definitely need to pick this up.
80 (UK) (Jan 23, 2007)
Well worth putting the time into even now, but it'll give you a bloody nose if you're not ready to invest endless repeat play required.
GenesisMega Fun (Sep, 1993)
Sega schlägt mal wieder zu. Mit Gunstar Heroes liefern sie ein tolles Jump 'n Shoot ab das sich sehen lassen kann. Verhältnismäßig gute Grafik, ein paar gute Ideen, nur der Sound ist nicht so toll. Aber sei's drum? Wer Gunstar Heroes alleine spielt, wird die meiste Freude haben. Zu zweit wird das Spiel ziemlich hektisch, denn wenn Ihr Euch im Eifer des Gefechts zu nahe kommt, werft Ihr Euch nur gegenseitig in der Gegend rum. Das zieht an der Lebensenergie, besonders wenn Ihr in einer Feindesschar landet oder von einer Plattform fallt. Trotzdem solltet Ihr zugreifen, vor allem weil die unendlichen Continues das Wegwerfsyndrom schnell verdauen lassen. Gunstar Heroes ist auf alle Fälle einen Blick wert, drum: Laßt die Kanonen sprechen.
Xbox 360IGN (Jun 10, 2009)
If you've never played Gunstar Heroes then this is a required download. It's one of the best side-scrolling action games ever created and remains a lot of fun today. Even if you have already played it, the easy achievements and online co-op may be good reason to take it for another spin.
Xbox (UK) (Jun 17, 2009)
A glaring omission from the disc-based Megadrive Collection, Gunstar Heroes is a great choice for the SEGA Vintage series. The hardcore will lap it up, but anyone who still remembers what it's like to grin like an idiot while blasting hundreds of enemies will more than get their money's worth as well.
Xbox 360PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Jul 24, 2009)
Despite being a little on the short side, Gunstar Heroes is a great port of a fantastic game. At the price, it's hard not to give it another go.
80 (Jan 26, 2007)
Trotzdem ist Gunstar Heroes jede investierte Minute wert. Das intelligente Waffensystem, der offene Spielablauf und feines Balancing machen Treasures Erstling zum besseren Metal Slug. Sorry, SNK!
80 (Jul 02, 2008)
E se non avete ancora visto un action che diventa anche gioco dell’oca, è il momento di provare GH. Fatelo come atto di fede, ma non aspettatevi un capolavoro nel senso classico del termine.
WiiGame Positive (Apr 10, 2007)
We would be remiss to not recommend this game just as any serious gamer would be to not heed the call. Gunstar Heroes is a masterpiece of a shooter, accessible yet deep, with a gameplay style that has yet to be trumped by any other similar action title. For those that missed it the first time around, now is the time to right that wrong.
GenesisHonestGamers (May 03, 2004)
Because the game is so forgiving, and because its visuals are so bright and cheery, I can't help but think that when Treasure set out to develop Gunstar Heroes, they wanted to make a Contra for kids. In that regard, the game succeeds admirably. It's just the kind of game I can imagine two elementary children playing together after school while their older brothers play Contra in the next room. And if that's something that Konami didn't want to release, maybe the formation of Treasure wasn't so ironic after all. Sadly, my search for irony in video games is stalled. I'm left holding ten thousand spoons.
GenesisEdge (Oct, 1993)
It looks good, sounds good and plays well, but after completing the game, you get no great urge to return to it, even with two players. There are no hidden levels to find, no secret screens - you get what you see. Gunstar Heroes is great while it lasts, but it does not last long.