Cover art

The man on the cover and the title screen is the actor who played the role of agent J-23 (a Pole working for Soviet intelligence, impersonating Abwehr officer, Hans Kloss) in the 1960s television miniseries (and the earlier television drama series), Stanisław Mikulski.


Developing the game took six months. The graphics were created with Janusz Pelc's program "Game Graphics Editor", provided by LK Avalon. Fonts were created with Dariusz Żołna's own program, "Jet Font Editor". The latter was used to implement the graphics of the plans of the V1 rocket, which were copied by hand from a book about World War II weaponry. Sebastian Michna created the player sprites and the title screen.


Dariusz Żołna's revenues from Hans Kloss were a couple ten million zlotys (it was a time of inflation); by today's (2014) standards, this amount would be approximately equivalent to over ten thousand zlotys, or a couple thousand dollars.


The small tank-like enemies featuring in the game were meant to be "Goliath" tracked mines. This apparently went over the head of most players. The article about the game in "Top Secret" (issue 4/1992) refers to the enemies as "hamburgers", while the review at notes that it's "absurd" for the game to have "robots" as enemies.


The background music is based on the main theme from the original TV show.


When the infinite energy cheat code is activated, two revolvers appear on the title screen with the letters "GNR" below them. This is a reference to the band Guns N' Roses.

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