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Harrier 7 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading Screen. (US).
Start Screen (UK)
Ready for take-off.
Flying over the sea.
Flying high.
Shoot the enemy.

DOS version

Title & Score
Setup Menu
Ready to Take Off
Touch Down / Re Fueling / Re Arming
Warning Launch Flare
Look Out Mig 21
Game Over
Good Score - Enter your name

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen.
Controls menu.
Defining keys.
Taking off.
Plumbline attack with rockets.
Avoiding air-to-air missiles.
Being hit by air-to-air missiles.
It reminded me a Top Gun scene.
Status report.
Crashing in the sea.
Bombarding ground turrets.
No time for pussies, flares my arse... turret destroyed...
...Second attack, one turret is still intact.
An heli and a anti-aerial missiles site...
...Let's pulverize them.
2 relentlessly MIGs chasing me and launching missiles.
Hit by 2 different attacks, manoeuvring for evasion.
A mess of being hit, destroying ground targets and an enemy plane.
Successful evasion.
The MIG is going to follow me and is gonna crash on the ground.
The Valkyries war roar.
Destroying ground targets with rockets.
Two ground targets...
And the 2nd round with a pompous turn around.
Entering in the space of an enemy carrier. Anti-aerial blasts everywhere.
The exact moment a turret is being destroyed.
Using rockets to destroy naval turrets.
A cloud of smoke of a destroyed MIG.
Being shot by anti-aerial.
Without control of the plane, too many hits...
Crash (not the magazine).
GAME OVER (not the game).
It's me.
My narcissistic mark in the Hall of Fame. What is Durell doing here? Could it be that this engine is the same used in Thanatos?