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Harukaze Sentai V-Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Introduction movie; somebody is targeting the space station but there is no enemy in sight
Introduction movie; as if two missiles weren't enough, now they each launch a plethora of smaller missiles
Opening title
Anime style opening credits movie introducing main characters
Main menu
Game options
BGM player
Character database
Natsuki character info
Mizuki character info
Story prologue
Arriving at the aircraft carrier
Strategic port
Red alert... what is happening?
Scrambling pilots to intercept the enemy fighters
The enemy is attacking, mobilizing forces
Commencing stage 1
Highlighter grid shows how far you can move your unit
Checking your unit's stats
Checking your pilot's stats
Firing at the enemy fighter, dealing 7 damage
Enemy doesn't return fire during my attack, but now it's attacking me
Two enemy fighters are trying to team up on me
Info screen of battling units before the battle animation commences
Using missile this time
Different weapons show different animation during firing sequence and hitting the target sequence
Final words of a dying pilot
Enemy fighter destroyed
Enemy is revealing their presence in full force
Eriko, my communications officer is worried about me
The skies on the east coast are clear
Other pilots are finally joining my ranks
It was about time, I couldn't take the remaining enemy forces on my own
Controlling ground forces
Enemy floating vehicle is firing at us
Enemy scored a critical hit destroying half of my armored car in a single fire
Certain weapons can strike from a greater distance
Firing at the enemy ground forces attacking our town
Different weapons are used for attacking ground or aerial targets
My missiles are about to destroy enemy ground vehicle
Destroying enemy units grants you experience for leveling up
Enemy ground vehicle is firing missiles at one of my pilots
Pilots mustn't be killed in order to win the battle
Losing regular units is okay, but losing a hero character results in game over