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Head Over Heels Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The empire
Game start
Here my buddy
Teleported away
Good thing i can jump
Beautiful hall

Amstrad CPC version

The six planets of the Blacktooth Empire
Starting point
Your first task is somehow get to Heels
On a lift
As Homer would say, "Hmm. Donuts."
You're supposed to jump these things
One of the first monsters that you encounter
Say hello to Propellar Head
Riding a robot
Puzzle: Stack the three seats on top of each other to reach the north exit
A glowing crystal
Get the hooter
What's Prince Charles's head doing here?

Amstrad PCW version

Title screen
The Blacktooth Empire
Starting out as Head – the thing is the corner is a teleporter
Materialising... another room
Jumping from this platform is a leap of faith
Jump on the blocks to reach the switch – the floor is electrified
Switching to Heels
Pushing a trampoline to reach the door
Entering the door
Riding a lift to reach the conveyor belt
Push this joystick thing to move around the Spock-Dalek in order to move the little trampoline
Use the trampoline and Spock as platforms to reach the conveyor belt with the purse
A puzzly room
First, pick up the little trampoline
Then push the other platform toward the door
Jump onto the platform
And pull out the trampoline from your inventory
The robot will hunt you without mercy
Select joystick
Main menu
A dead end
A lift brings us to this new location

Atari 8-bit version

Loading screen
Title screen
The Blacktooth Empire
This is Head
This is Heels

Atari ST version

Title screen
A narrow corridor
Hmm, now how can I reach that high door?
Be careful, the floor in this room has spikes!
Hmm, how to successfully navigate this room?
Some obstacles to jump past
Head and Heels on different sides of a wall
Which way to go?

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Exploring the rooms
That floating platform can transport you to a new floor
Hmm, now which way do I want to go?
Be careful, this room has a spikey floor, so don't fall!
A narrow corridor
Some obstacles to jump past

MSX version

Title screen
Ready to enter the Blacktooth Empire?
The platform in the corner can teleport you!
Explore the rooms

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Select your joystick type
Title screen
The Blacktooth Empire
This is Head
This is Heels
The gun will allow you to freeze your enemies
This fish is a checkpoint
The bag will allow you to carry boxes
This is one of the puzzles that were simplified on 6502-based computers
Not an easy task to build a stair with that deadly bell roaming around
Another one of the puzzles that were simplified on 6502-based computers
Beware, the drum-looking objects are lethal mines!
The sleeping rabbits can provide you with extra lives -- as well as invincibility, fast speed (Head) or high jumps (Heels) for a limited time
Time to turn down the tables
Head over Heels in the Blacktooth market
The moon station serves as the planetary hub
Head and Heels will often need to part ways during their adventure
Not an easy jump for Heels
The direction is pretty clear
The Penitentiary World
The Safari World
The Book World
The Egyptus World
Time to little leap of faith
spring to jump