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Heavy Barrel Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Some of the first enemies you'll encounter
Under attack!
Crossing a bridge
Battle with a large opponent, don't get shot!

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Mission.
Your target.
Ready to go.
Kill the soldiers.
Getting hectic.
Fighting on a bridge.
Helicopter to destroy.
Soldiers and tanks now.
Multiplayer boss fight
Enemy base
Typical massacre
vaporized enemies
Enemy with jetpack
In elevator
Boss fight
derailed trolley
Spread shot
enemies on the rails are easy targets

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Soldiers block the path... (EGA)
Using lasers against your opponents (EGA)
Fighting a tank (EGA)
Using a flame thrower to cross the bridge (EGA)
Uh oh, I'm surrounded! (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The path is blocked! (CGA)
Watch out for this helicopter! (CGA)
Flying rockets
Enemy defence tower
Annihilated enemies
Like a ambush
Enemy tank spotted
Enemy cannon (CGA)
Laser shot (CGA)

NES version

Title Screen
Japan Title screen
Starting mission
Fighting soldier...
and helicopters.

Zeebo version

Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
The game explains how you must collect the parts to assemble the Heavy Barrel.
Intro cutscene.
Starting mission.
Hey, what a warm welcome!
Firing a laser weapon. That key in the ground can be used to unlock crates along the way.
This tank is the first boss.
Now I'm inside the enemy's base. Here's the good old spread weapon doing its best while I go down the elevator!
Frying some bad guys with the flame thrower. Those three orbiting objects are a power up that provides some protection.
Throwing some granades against the second boss.
This yellow thing flying to the top of the screen is a Heavy Barrel part I just unlocked from one crate just like this other one on screen.
Dying in front of the third boss.
I've just got the last part of the Heavy Barrel and all the parts are coming to me and assembling it.
Behold the power of Heavy Barrel!
These two helicopters are the fourth boss.
Things got quite busy here!
And here's the fifth boss!
This flail-like weapon is actually a granade upgrade that will really help you in busy areas.
Here's the Heavy Barrel doing some more sweet damage!
Remember the second boss? Well, here's two of it, plus a lot of jet-pack guys, all at once. This is arcade gaming at its best, kids.
These three jumping mechs are the sixth boss.
This orange ball is yet another granade powerup.
And there he is, the guy who's sending all these guys against me!
Now things got serious!
Best Players.
A two players game in course.

Official Screenshots

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