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As the leader of the special ops group Dark Talons, lead your squad mates on a series of dangerous missions as you discover the NEC plot against your homeland, Terra Nova. Operate behind enemy lines as you gather data, attack enemy camps, capture enemy leaders, take over space stations, and more. Combat happens on land, underground (huge caverns), and even in space. There are plenty of weapons to outfit your gear, even some hand-to-hand weapons. You can also add perks and flaws to further customize your gear. Stealth is a major concern in some missions. The game play feel is very different from the Mechwarrior series.

Set in Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear universe (it actually rivals the Battletech universe in complexity, though not nearly as famous), this game requires 3D accelerator with its "Dark" 3D engine. The gears are capable of very human-like movements, such as kneeling, crawling, and jumping.

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on Dec 21, 2000.

Mech sim. Uses 3d hardware only. Set in the Heavy Gear universe, you must lead your squad through various missions. Missions are varied and some even take place in space.

Contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2424) on Mar 12, 2000.