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atari warlords

Heimdall Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo The 8th Day
Introduction: Storyline told
Introduction: Valhalla is to small for gods and men
Introduction: God and man talking
Introduction: Loki steals the weapons of the gods
Title screen
Party selection
Travel map
Disembarking on an island
An encounter
Ready for battle?

Atari ST version

Title screen
Intro - creation of Earth
Intro - gods talking with humans
Intro - Loki steals god's weapons
Intro - surprise, surprise - you are pregnant!
Intro - how do I explain it to my husband?!
Throw an axe! Don't hurt the girl!
Catch the pig!
Last mini-game - don't fall to water!
Map of the world - you can sail to many different isles
Team stats
I hate puzzles
But I love treasures!
No bridge to cross the rift?
Aha! An enemy!

DOS version

Core Design company logo
The 8th Day company logo
Introduction Story
Intro - The creation of earth by the gods
Intro - Gods and man
Main Title
Main Menu
An interesting sport: Try to hit the hairs to win!
Oops...must've been the wind
Are you chasing the hog or is it chasing you?
Aaargh...a viking fight!
Adventuring while solving puzzles
Watch out for traps such as flying arrows or even pitfalls!
Combat! That bloke will need a lot of plastic surgery after my axe re-arranges his face...
In your adventures you will meet strange monsters...they usually guard valuable items
That last monster had a bigger axe than I did....
Wrong command (EGA)
Puzzle solving (EGA)
Enemy (EGA)
Fight (EGA)
Map (EGA)
In Cave (EGA)
Main Title (EGA)

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Play some funny sub games.
Everything went fine.
Catch a pig in this sub game.
Pig caught.
View the map.
Travel to islands.
Inventory screen
Fight some enemies
Beat an enemy.
Solve puzzles
Game over