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WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41573) on Aug 16, 2012.

Hi-Res Adventure #4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

This is another of Sierra's Hi-Res adventures for the Apple II. The game is set in ancient Greece where the player needs to locate a golden fleece. To accomplish your mission, you get a crew together and board the king's boat, then set sail for two islands.

Commands you have to type in take the form of a verb-noun sequence, and are outlined in this walkthrough in bold type. Directions are also abbreviated since you don't type the whole word in.

You start in the town, standing on a road. Go S and W (x3) to the castle's entry hall. TALK GUARD and he will ask whether you are Ulysses. Say YES to be escorted to the throne room where the king is waiting. BOW to him to be given your mission. Go E (x2), N, W to the store. There are several items you need to buy here. BUY FLINT, BUY LEATHER, BUY ROPE, BUY SWORD, BUY WAX, BUY WINE, and BUY WOOD. Now PAY MAN and head N to the alley.

GET COIN and proceed N to the tavern. This is where you get your crew. GET CREW. With the crew following you, go E, S, E, S (x2), E (x2), N. GET CHEST and go W, S, W, N (x2), W, N to the docks. Here, GET BOTTLE. GIVE COIN to the guard and say YES when he asks if you are bribing him. After you receive a map, go E to the king's private dock. Move N to the ship and GO OCEAN.

Swim N and W. GET BAG the albatross dropped into your boat. Go E, S, and E. After the condor drops into your boat, GET CONDOR and go E and you will be caught inside the hurricane. To get out of it, you need to follow the directions on the map given to you by the guard. So go N (x2), E, S, W, S, W, S, E, N, E, N, and finally E (x2). You will arrive at the Island of Storms. GO ISLAND.

Go E and S (x2) to reach the jungle. GET BRIDLE then continue E and S. There is a hole in the tree. LOOK HOLE and GET DUST from inside. Now go N, W, N (x5), U, N, E, N to the open room. GET NOTE from the bottle and GET WATER from the spring. (The water will be stored in the bottle for later use.) Go S, N, D, S, E, S, E, S, E to arrive at the deep fjord. Here, TIE LEATHER. When asked to what, TO LEATHER to create a leather strap THROW LEATHER strap to the other side of the fjord and move E, N, E, N to the dragon's cave. Inside, GIVE GEMS to the dragon and he will leave. Go E, N, E, N to the canyon.

GET FEATHERS from the condor and MAKE WINGS. When asked with what, WITH FEATHERS. When asked with what else, AND WAX. With your wings, FLY to the other side of the canyon. GET ROCK to see the reins. Go D, W (x2), S. THROW DUST at Pluto, who is blocking your way. After he leaves. Go S and E (x2) to see the fire. POUR WINE. When asked where, ON SELF. Go S and E. GO HOLE. Go S and W to the beach. GO SHIP.

Go N (x2), W, and N (x2) and Neptune will appear. POUR WATER from the bottle IN OCEAN to make him leave. Go N, E (x2), and N to the sirens' island. HOLD WAX to soften it and use it to PLUG EARS of the crew. Now TIE SELFTO MAST. Say YES when the game asks whether you want to tie yourself to the mast. The sirens will sing a rhyme and the boat will safely pass the island. Swim W, N, W, N (x3) and you will arrive at the Island of the Cyclops. GO ISLAND.

Go N (x2), W (x2), and N to the ruins. The Harpes are here but they are dangerous. Say SEVENSEAS and they will leave. OPEN CAGE and GET MALLET from it. Now go E (x2), S, E, N to arrive at the cave. There, GIVE WINE to the cyclops. When the cyclops ask you what is needed to make the wine, say GRAPES. After he leaves, GET TRUNK and SHARPEN TRUNK with the sword. LOOK (x2) and the cyclops will return. USE TRUNK. When the game asks you where, enter IN EYE of the cyclops and he will leave the cave. Using the flint and wooden planks, MAKE FIRE. Around now, the game should give you a message saying that the crew is hungry, so KILL SHEEP, COOK SHEEP, and EAT SHEEP. Yum! Go S (x2), E, and N to the large clearing.

Say ECEELF (That's FLEECE spelled backwards) to open the chest. LOOK CHEST and GET SWORD from inside. USE SWORD to kill the group of skeletons. Go E and N (x2). At the cliff, say SUPPELTUEL and a door in the cliff will open. Go N to the small valley. Pegasus is chained up here. USE MALLET to free him. GIVE BRIDLE and GIVE REINS to him. RIDE PEGASUS and he will jump over the thorns. GET FLEECE from the tree and RIDE PEGASUS and you will be taken back to the town.

Here, go W to the entry hall and TALK GUARD. Say YES when he asks if you are Ulysses. (He obviously didn't listen to you the first time you told him.) GIVE FLEECE to the king.

Congratulations! You have completed Hi-Res Adventure #4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece. Now it's time to have a go at the fifth Hi-Res adventure, Time Zone.

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