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Hidden Mysteries: The White House Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen, shown here after the player has created a game identity
The game configuration options
Playing in max resolution, full screen mode
This is the heroine, she's just heard that the professor has been kidnapped and now people who claim to belong to the secret service want a word
The first location in the game is the professor's office
Before the player is let loose on the game they are given a couple of screens of comprehensive game play instructions.
Although everything is spoken it's good to be able to read the dialogue too
Sparkly things denote a special area
The missing professor has left pages of his journal for us to find as we progress through the game.
The game has random 'Fun Facts'like this. They don't have any bearing on the game and can be ignored
There are a couple of places where the player has to use an item from their inventory to open a locked drawer or something of that ilk
The first White House location
The items in white can be found in this view of the room
The pair of arrows at the top of the screen switches to an alternate view of the room
Each room in the White House has a lockbox puzzle
These instructions are only shown for the first one
They are pretty easy and are not timed
Some rooms have these camera puzzles
The picture is shown in the bottom left and the player must use the mouse to move the camera viewfinder to find that image on the screen
After a bit of random clicking the player is reminded that help is available, but there is no penalty of any sort
A bit of in-game plot explanation. The player has discovered a secret room that's been walled up for centuries, so how come there's some of the professors journal in here ?
By clicking on a word the player can see a silhouette of it in the lower right
After the Red Room and the Blue room comes the Yellow room
Yup! we get to break into the Oval Office
The secret service know we're in the Oval Office.
All conversation is handled like this with a standard picture of the characters and a dialogue box
Under the White House there's a Freemason's Lodge
So the professor has been trapped in there for four days. Not surprised he needs to pee, very surprised he hasn't already done so.
The final set of clues has t be decoded
The last part of the game sees the player revisiting the locations to find small mirrors needed to complete the final puzzle
The final puzzle is set in a model of Solomon's temple
The professor is finally freed but there's more drama in the ending sequence
Eventually all ends well and Miranda is back at school, she looks a bit too old really. Must be a mature student