Highway Encounter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen, main menu and credits.
Form up.
I need to clear a path through these barrels.
I need to shoot these out of the way.
I shot an enemy.
Game over. All Vortons destroyed.
I can enter my name for the high score.
The high scores

Commodore 64 version

Main Menu
All life lost - Game Over
Highway Heroes - Highscore table - damn, I must do better
Lets go.
Stuck behind an obstacle.
You've moved on ahead.

MSX version

Loading screen
Title screen, main menu and credits
Form up.
I've cleared a path and on we go.
I must be careful of enemies.
One of me has died.
I killed an enemy.
Failure! The Vortons were destroyed.

Tatung Einstein version

Title screen

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the screen loads
The game's title screen follows. The game's name is built up slowly, one line of bricks at a time
There's a short animated sequence at the start of the game. The white Vorton pushes the small pyramid/lasertron into the highway, then all its friends line up behind.
So now we have a convoy. The player controls the lead Vorton who has a gun. There are 30 zones to get through, the counter in the bottom left decreases as the player progresses
The first obstacles. These oil drums can be moved by running into them or by shooting them. The convoy will run into an obstacle and stop. It will stay there until the obstacle is moved
Back in line. The oil drums have been moved forwards but not out of the convoy's path. The periscope like baddies can be shot & killed. The other baddies on screen cannot
Sneak attack! Some baddies have appeared behind the convoy and have attacked from the side. The graphic in the bottom left shows a Vorton/a player's life has been lost.
Whenever a life is lost the Vortons line up behind the small pyramid with the players Vorton at the rear.
Eventually there's just the player and the lasertron left. The lasertron must be pushed by the player - it will not move on its own
One zone further on and there are some blocks that cannot be moved or destroyed and some baddies that cannot be killed.
In a later game I left the convoy parked behind an obstacle in zone 29 and went on ahead to clear the way
The square towers block the way but can be destroyed. The star things then can travel the full width of the road and, of course they are deadly. Perhaps those oil drums can help?
There is an action key that causes the players Vorton to spin round on the spot firing the gun as it does so. Very useful against lots of baddies.
The lighter coloured squares on the road are obstacles and the player must go around these
Here there's a couple of obstacles in the way. Hidden between them is a travelling star that, once released will patrol the width of the road at this point
Game over. From here the game returns to the title screen. Not sure if there's a high score screen - if there is then I just didn't score enough to register
Demo mode.
Crossing the bridge.
Crossing the Red Canyon.
Time is over.
Lasertron activated. Now the aliens shall not prevail.
Attack alien spaceship.
Prepare for the future adventures.