Simon Goudge's Walkthrough - Part 1 of 5Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Oct 07, 2001.

The Mystery of the Druids Walkthrough – Part 1 of 5 by Simon Goudge as posted on Neoseeker’s MOTD Forum – Sept. 30, 2001

The most important thing throughout the whole game is to talk to everybody you can and go through all dialogue possibilities with each person. If you get stuck go back to people and often there is a new dialogue open to you because of something that you have seen or done since the last time that you spoke to that person. I do not like doing complete walkthroughs for the simple reason that giving the whole game away spoils a great deal of the pleasure in playing the game in the first place. You get a much greater feeling of satisfaction if you are able to sort out a tricky problem yourself, so please try to limit use of this walkthrough to the part that you really are stuck on, as believe me this will help to enhance your gaming pleasure. Besides lets face it what is the point in buying a game and then following a walkthrough so that you finish the game in three hours, and then have nothing else to play. What a waste of money! Anyway I have done a complete walkthrough of this entire excellent game for you below so please use it sparingly and only when you really have reached the point at which you have pulled all your hair out. This could help out a friend of mine who sells hair-restorer! Only kidding.



You start as Brent Halligan in police chief Miller's office. Talk to the chief and get used to the controls and have a good look around. The chief will give you the case file and Epping Forest will now appear on your map. Pick up the box of matches on the chief's desk and leave the chief's office and head back to your own office in Scotland Yard, which is the one below the big Scotland Yard sign.


You know if you're in the right office as it is very bad feng shui (very messy). Close by a hat stand is a set of four drawers. Open up each of these drawers, as there is something that you need in all of them. The four items that you should pick up from the drawers are a bottle of Apple juice, a green scarf, a roll of plastic evidence bags and some rather suspect looking brown gloves. You can now leave Halligan's office and Scotland Yard by using the lift close to Halligan's office. Head towards Epping Forest.


Only two ports of call here and once done you never need to return here. First up is the policeman on the left. Talk to him and again, as with all conversations throughout the game, go through all possible dialogues. Once finished with the policeman move away and head over to what may initially look like someone's Chinese takeaway that they dropped the previous night after a drunken night on the town. In fact these are human remains and examine them closer and get your evidence bags out from your inventory. At the right of the pile of bones is a leg bone (it is the big long one, but then you clever people knew that), use your evidence bags on the leg bone and Halligan will collect it. Just below the foot bone is a small area of burnt grass. Use the evidence bags on the burnt grass as well so that Halligan collects a sample of it. That's it for Epping Forest and so it is goodbye and head back to Scotland Yard.


Make your way to the forensics lab to see Chris Hecker, it is the door on the right opposite where the chief's office is. Show both the bone and the grass to Chris the expert. Again keep talking to him using all dialogue suggestions and he will eventually tell you about a Professor Turner at the Anthropology Museum in Oxford. The museum at Oxford will now appear on your map so it's time to try to see the mysterious Professor.


Just a policeman's luck, the museum is closed for refurbishment, so move to the left of the museum and you find a poor old man who seems to be rather down on his luck. After talking to him you should find that he is really in need of a drink as his flask is empty. Pick up the flask and head back to Scotland Yard.


Go back to the laboratory and towards the back you will notice two different areas of shelves that you can look at, a set of two shelves on the right and a set of three shelves on the left. Look at the set of two shelves on the right first. One strange black container seems to stand out from the rest, pick this up, as it is fingerprint powder. Now go and have a look at the set of three shelves on the left. Look in closer at the middle shelf. Use the green scarf on the bottles and give them a good old twenty minute clean and polish. Now you can go and talk to Chris again. A couple of new dialogue options will now be available to you, including some about the bottles on the shelf and alcohol. When Chris offers to give you a drink of alcohol say yes, and you find yourself waking up on Monkey Island with someone called LeChuck bearing down on you. (Sorry, that's another adventure game) When you do wake up Chris has disappeared so now it is time to see what he gave you. Go back to the set of three shelves on the left. Look in close again and use the fingerprint powder to find out which bottle Chris used. Take this bottle of ethanol and pour some into the beggar's flask. Put the bottle of ethanol back on the shelf or else Chris will have you. To finish off your little bit of beggar's home brew pour some apple juice into the flask and hey presto a nice flask of apple schnapps. Time to go back to the museum.


Go back to the beggar and give him his flask back. Once he passes out you will be able to take his entire world savings, ahhhhh! Well it is all in a good cause. Now go off to the right of the museum and there you will find a not so mobile phone. Enter the phone box. Pick up the receiver, and then click on the telephone directory. Brent will now find the number of the Museum. Use the money in the money slot and click on the buttons to dial the number. A female voice will now speak to you for a very short time and dialogue wise will not be particularly helpful, initially. Once the conversation has finished return to Scotland Yard.


Go back to Chris and talk to him about your problems with the museum. He will tell you that the lady that you spoke to was the Professor's daughter, Melanie. Perhaps if a follow up is ever made you may actually get to meet Professor Turner. Anyway head back to the museum to try to telephone Melanie again.


Pick up the phone again and use the money, buttons and telephone directory to call Melanie again, Brent is somewhat forgetful! You now have the chance to talk on rather more friendly terms to Melanie and she offers to open the door of the museum and to meet you outside. Whey hey, big date time! Leave the telephone box and once you get back to the museum Melanie is waiting for you and takes you inside. After talking for a while with Melanie she gets interested and offers to help. Brent will then give Melanie the bone and you now become Melanie for a while.


Go to the right and put the bone into the bone shaver. You will now have a small slither of bone. On the same table as the bone shaver is a microscope, use the shaving of bone in the microscope. Take your time here, as this can be tricky, but keep clicking on the microscope dial and then the image of the shaving. Eventually, and believe me it does take a while, the slither of bone will get into perfect focus and Melanie will notice a residue of metal. Once Melanie notices the traces of gold in the bone, head over to the table full of weapons. Use the bone (not the shaving) on the sickle. Melanie will come to the conclusion that the victim was cut by a sickle. On the same table as the weapons are a couple of magazines. Examine these magazines and Melanie will read an article about druids by Arthur Blake. Go back to Brent and tell him what Melanie has discovered. Melanie will give Brent the bone back and the address of Arthur Blake. The address of Arthur Blake now appears on your map, and you are now back as Brent.

You are now back as Brent Halligan so head on over to Arthur Blake's house.


Ring the doorbell and after a brief chat the wheelchair bound Arthur will invite you in. Lots of talking here with plenty of dialogue. Eventually Arthur will talk about an Amulet of Tranformation and he will show you a picture of it being worn by a crabby old druid. Portsmouth will now be available on your map and so it is time to set off to France.


(I didn't know Portsmouth was in France, but then I never was much good at Geography?)

When you get of the ferry you will find that the Captain does not want to talk to you. There is a fisherman on the docks so go and speak to him to see if he speaks English. What a stroke of luck, he does! Keep talking to him about his fishing and eventually he will mention the Captain's name and a few notes of interest about him. You should now be able to talk to the Captain, and as you might expect these two old fishermen have a fair few tales to tell between the both of them. The Captain will eventually talk of a druid charm and that salt will destroy druid buildings. Talk to the angler again and he will speak about his friendship with the Captain, but that he hates the Captain's cat. Once you finish this conversation, surprise surprise. a cat appears. Now comes the first of a couple of tricky areas, catching the cat. Towards the foreground on the right of the screen are some crates, barrels and assorted dock type stuff. The cat will walk around these and disappear around the back of them. You have to surprise the cat so stand in front of these crates, etc. so that the cat cannot see you. When the cat walks around the back of the crates and disappears use your trusty green scarf again on the area where the cat vanished. There we go a nice little cat trap, don't worry all you animal welfare people as you are about to let the cat go. Move over towards the fisherman and use the cat in the bag on the area by the fisherman's bait pot. The cat runs away and knock's poor old Pierre's bait straight into the water, oh dear, naughty pussy. Pierre will now have to go and get some new bait so as a trusting upstanding law official offer to guard his very expensive fishing rod and bucket. Pierre will then toddle off to get some more bait. Now being the corrupt detective that you are now is your chance to take both the bucket and the fishing rod, he will never suspect a law enforcement officer! Within your inventory connect the bucket and the fishing rod together. There is an area of the ferry that you can look at in greater detail, take a close look. Use the bucket and fishing rod on the white residue clusters on the bottom of the ferry and you should now have some salt. Head of now to Carmors Castle.

Here is a quick inventory check

Rod and Bucket
Fingerprint Powder
Bone in Bag
Evidence Bags
Apple Juice
Case File


Go around the back and to the left of the remains of the castle and then go down some stairs. You will arrive at an iron gate, use you case file on the gate to open it. Once through the gate where ever you look you will find gravestones. Keep looking until you find one that you can take a closer look at. Take a close look at the gravestone and place the salt on top of the gravestone. Use the bone on the salt to grind it down into granules. Pick up the crushed up salt. Walk back through the graveyard until you find a church. Go around the other side of the church and down some steps and you will come to a mighty ancient mausoleum. Admire the magnificence of the wonder of the world and then throw the salt granules at it. This now adds destruction to your growing list of misdemeanours. But hidden amongst the rubble is a red chest. Take a closer look at the red chest and then open it. Inside is the fabled Amulet of Tranformation, pick up this valuable treasure. Head back towards the dock noticing perhaps some strange figures running away. Were you being watched?


Talk to the Captain again to get him to ferry you back home.


You now need to hide the Amulet of Transformation. There is a ventilation shaft in the top right hand corner of the screen. Open it by clicking on it twice, and place the Amulet inside. No one would ever think of looking in there. Now leave the cabin to go and get some fresh sea air. A little while later Brent returns to find that as you might suspect his cabin has been ransacked and the Amulet is missing. What a shame he didn't keep it in his inventory instead. Once back in good old England head back to Arthur Blake's house.

Go back to Arthur Blake's house and talk to him about the Amulet, and that it was stolen from you. Arthur will tell you about the neo-druids and a group called "the circle". Now it is time to head back to Scotland Yard.

Continued in Part 2

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