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Hired Guns Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Game Over
Character selection
The campaign map
Log entry before entering a map
Start of first map
The inventory with preferred gun in hand
Each player keeps an automap of where they have been, except the first guy which lacks the map unit
Stats of each player
Moving first player
Still moving while the other players watches
A door, some require a key
No key needed here
An item on the ground can be picked up
A D.T.S. Module, this should give us a map
And we have a map
First enemy encounter, shouldn't be too hard
Wasted the bat
Looks like we are on the right track
This door required a key, which I luckily had
Some stairs, we'll climb these after the current level is checked
A force field with someone behind. "we come in peace"
A big red button, just waiting to be pushed
The force field disappeared, time to greet the whomever is behind it
Ouch, maybe not so friendly
Say hello to my little friend
Moving up the stairs
Lifts, provides access to other levels
Reached the top of the lifts
Another button, let's try it
A secret passage opens, with a hole down
We found the exit
One player has reached the exit, now for the rest
The yellow button links the player together and makes them follow the leader
Another log entry
Some new scenery, beware the bushes which will hatch after a given time
Water, robots can enter this safely while humans needs some equipment
Found some cure poison, no good for robots
More enemies
Going down a lift
More boxes to move

DOS version

Title Screen
Menu Screen
Select Your team
Start Your Mission
Main Game Screen
Team Members Can Be Doing Different Things
Check Your Log Entries
Lots To Do
Game Over
1, shoot to skeleton
3 found some craps, 2 has trouble with skeleton
Many enemies in hole
3 is killed