The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Starting game
The infamous hitchhike
Survived the Vogon poetry

Amstrad CPC version

Opening screen/starting location. It is pitch black but DON'T PANIC!
Reading mail, getting not so good news. Colours depend on CP/M.
Drinking some beer, talking to someone who says he is an alien..

Amstrad PCW version

First puzzle solved...

Apple II version

The beginning of the game (80 column mode)
Gameplay (40 column mode)

Atari 8-bit version

Starting location -- no introduction
Arthur Dent is hung over, which makes all sorts of things fraught with difficulty
Perfecting a daily wake-up routine
Cause-and-effect relationships?
This isn't good news!
A bold gambit
The most innocuous objects will go on to play enormous significance in the endgame.
I'm feeling better!
One of gaming's most protracted death scenes, to be sure.
Supposing I hadn't died, here's a different tack
More games need beer-drinking puzzles.
This dog will turn out to be a lot more important than its cameo here suggests.
So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hitching a lift into space
Awakening in a UFO
Receiving the Guide and using the game's internal footnoting system
Using the Guide to research Vogons
I got the Babel fish and all I got was a realization that I was years too late to get the stupid t-shirt!
Nothing good can come from this...

Atari ST version

Starting location

Browser version

Start screen
Cookie-saved game not loaded
Starting location
Clearly I need some help.
Handily, this new interface shows objects in the inventory and shows their names on mouse-over.
The sub-etha net is accessed when a new location is visited.
An early death
The HHG game and its legendary footnoting system
This will prove to be important later on.
The house is a pile of rubble, but larger things are afoot.
We will come to know this darkness very well indeed.
Emerging into the Vogon hold.
Looking up Vogons on the Guide.
I got the Babel fish!
A rare fan illustration from game 2
I'm skeptical.
Emerging into the Heart of Gold.
They will remain in that sauna for the entire remainder of the game!

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Title screen and introduction
I woke up in my room, attempting to start the day
A large yellow bulldozer is attempting to wreck my house!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting the day in your bedroom

Commodore 128 version

Game starts
And ends

DOS version

opening screen
The solid gold re-release
Brushing teeth and inventory
It's a Douglas Adams-game, which explains why you can't even die in an ordinary way.

Macintosh version

Bedroom - game start
Exploring the room
Front Porch
Front of House
Friend Ford arrives
Country Lane
Pub - muscle relaxant?
Game save

PC Booter version

Make backup processing (MDA)
Begin Game (Release 47) (MDA)

TRS-80 version

Game start
Front porch
Country lane

TRS-80 CoCo version

Title and intro part 1
Title and intro part 2
Trying to wake up in the morning
Someone is trying to knock down your house
In the CoCo version descriptions often don't fit on a single screen