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Hitman: Absolution Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Select singleplayer or multiplayer game.
Main menu.
Play nice, stay cool... game provides you with a subtle hints if you pay enough attention to it.
Checking your objectives.
Nice view.
When entering hostile areas, you'll be attacked if spotted.
You can subdue your target or kill it mercilessly.
You can use fiber wire to silently eliminate guards in the area.
You can hide in containers to avoid being spotted by the patrolling guards.
Aim for the head if you don't want to risk sounding the alarm.
You can hide dead bodies into nearby crates and containers.
Passing disguised as one of the guards.
Your cover will get blown if you visibly engage the enemy while dressed as one of them.
Approaching the Terminus hotel in search for your target.
You can lift arms and fake surrendering until the guard comes near enough to disarm him.
Whether you care for innocent bystanders or not is entirely up to you.
Easiest way to enter the club is to beat up the staff.
Use instinct mode to locate the targets or sense nearby enemies concealed from the line of sight.
Agent 47 is cold blooded killer, but even he has people he cares for.
Hiding behind the curtain until the attackers pass.
Throwing knives and syringes will yield instant kills.
You can mark your targets for point shooting execution, but you will have limited time to do so.
I shot the sheriff... and a hell of a lot of deputies.
Hand of the law can sting a bit.
Level score.
Inventory shows collected items throughout the level.
Time to enter the ring.
Boss fights only look intimidating.
47 doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's usually the last thing you hear.
Attack of the saints.
Squeezing through tight spots.
Time to switch the roles of hunter and hunted.
With point shooting, kill camera always kicks in.
Tougher enemies will require more punching before the takedown button appears.
Agent 47's legendary pose.
Point blank execution
You can crawl through the ducts to reach otherwise inaccessible areas or to bypass the patrolling guards.
Fine defensive vintage point to start the level.
Sniping the Agency mercenaries.
Agent 47's signature suit
Pondering on the case
Waiting for a phone call to end
Mapping patrol movement in the garden... yeah right
This guard is getting too close for comfort
Swapping clothes from one of the guards, but make sure he's nowhere on visible grounds
Scanning for possible hostiles
Eavesdropping on their conversation, but only until can no longer hold on to the ledge
The cops are hunting me
Red indicators shows the position of enemy fire

Windows version

Choose main story of Contracts mode
Single-player game menu
Game title shown in the intro
Starting the first mission
Mission objective
Inventory lists all your current weapons, items and the suit (or disguise) you're wearing
Quick weapon select menu
Carrying a strangled guard to a nearby container
When confronted you can pretend to surrender
Choose non-lethal or lethal takedown
Instinct helps to predict the movement patterns of guards
Instinct also lets you maintain the disguise in certain situations
47 chooses a risky route
QTE combat
The Challenges screen shows what you've done and what you still can do in a level
Target located
If you have enough instinct you can mark and execute several targets at once
The key figure of the plot, Victoria (or should we say, damsel in distress)
End level statistics shows what you've found in the level
You hide in crowds or in certain spots. Here 47 pretends to study the menu
Hey listen, I don't want to be a cop-killer
Crawling through a duct to bypass guards
Sometimes you'll find disguise lying around. Also note an activated checkpoint to the left
Hiding in a container, waiting for the maid to leave the room
One of cinematic escape moments
Found a clue in hippie heaven
If I don't attract attention I can get away just fine
In the strip club
The fire alarm can help me escape from this place
You have to be an animal to do something like this
Cameo appearance of Lynch from Kane and Lynch games also developed by IO Interactive. His friend Kane appears in another level
Oops, sorry to spoil the barbeque party
Looking through the scope of a sniper rifle
There's an assortment of guns in the game, but the skilled assassin doesn't need them
Most containers and lockers can hold up to two bodies
I need to kill one of the fighters. There must be a way (or two) to do it without suspicion
The infamous latex-clad nuns
Perfect disguise
So yeah, cop killer
This is a.... an alternatively disguised assassin
Level tally
Contracts mode: viewing specific goals of a contract
Upgrading a weapon

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