Hodj 'n' Podj Screenshots

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Windows 3.x version

Title Screen
Board game view
Entire map view
Minigame: Garfunkel
Minigame: Garfunkel (instructions)
Minigame: Garfunkel (victory, and a clue)
Minigame: Cryptograms
Minigame: Cryptograms (victory)
Minigame: Battlefish
Some of the humorous items needed
The main menu showing the three game modes
Starting a board game, this is the configuration screen
Playing poker
Starting The Grand Tour: This is the configuration screen
Archeroids: A sort of sideways Space Invaders with arrows
Art Parts: a block swapping jigsaw game
Barbershop Quintet: A solitaire game
Beacon: A colour based puzzle. Change the colour of the lighthouse beam to match the pixels and clear the picture
Dam Furry Animals: It just has to be a Whac-A Beaver game didn't it?
Fuge: A circular breakout game where the player must stop the ball going into the centre
Life: Here the game is played with villages not with cells but the principle is the same
Mancala: A decent implementation of the African strategy game played with shells
Maze O' Doom: Harder settings have invisible walls. This game was released as a stand alone download to promote the full game
No vacancy: A dice game where the player aims to close all the doors
Th Gesng Gme: As time runs down more and more letters are revealed.
Word Search: note the player has to find twenty five words in a specified time and no word list is provided
The Grand Tour high score table. The maximum possible score is 1880 which puts 578 into perspective
Playing the mini games separately, this is the game selection screen