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Hole-In-One Miniature Golf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Select course
Number of players
Hole 1
Hole 2
Hole 3
Hole 4
Hole 5
Hole 6 and credits

Atari ST version

Loading screen (EU)
Hole 1
Hole 2
Overstrike limit reached. I lose.
Hole 3
Hole 5: tricky one
Hole 6
Hole 7

Commodore 64 version

Magic Bytes logo
Loading screen (USA)
Loading screen (Europe)
The first hole

DOS version

The main menu
This game even has a tutorial.
It explains the main game concepts with great accuracy.
For comparison: EGA
A contour view is possible.
Yeah, curves sure are a distraction ;)
Starting the "Alphabet Course".
Any Idea why it's called the "Alphabet Course" ;)
And yes, they stay with the concept.
The EGA version is a lot less detailed.
Sometimes there is more than one whole to go.
Most of the background "art" is missing in EGA.
The background images correspond to the letter (J for jet).
The in-game options (notice the "Boss Key")
The scoreboard, I'm playing alone :(
Starting the "Expert Challenge".
The first hole of the "Expert Course"
They don't call it "Expert Course" for nothing (EGA).
The "Farout Course"
Still pretty normal
There is more to this hole than meets the eye.
The "Intermed Course" stars with a little preview on the following holes.
Playing in expert mode means you don't have a target line.
This is the "Classic Course".
Very classic indeed
No big surprises, just your usual minigolf course
Beginning the "Fantasy Course".
No Bug, that's how the "Fantasy Course" starts.
The same screen in EGA
The "Fantasy Course" is by far the most creative.
One dead golfer...
The same screen in EGA
The "Fantasy Course" features some nice ideas.
The beginning of the "Holidays Course"
Ehm, what holiday is this supposed to be?
Well, Thank you ;) (EGA)
No game is complete without zombies. Even a minigolf game (EGA).
This is the "boss-screen" :)