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Back of Case - Genesis (US):



    You've finally come face-to-face with the most infamous pirate of them all, Captain Hook, the fiend who's kidnapped your children and sworn never to let them go. As Peter Pan, this is the fight of your life. Everything that came before - your dual with Rufio, your battles against the pirates, even your soaring flights high above Neverland - are nothing compared to this moment.

    • Eleven level of incredible excitement.
    • Multiple destinations: forests, caves, caverns, towns, lagoons, icy regions, and the Nevertree.
    • Magical item that will give you strength and special powers: apples, leaves, and pixie dust.

    Contributed by kcar181- (530) on Nov 20, 2005.

Back Cover - Sega CD:
    You've just boarded Hook's ship. Your blood's pumping and a chill races down your spine. You're about to do battle with the most infamous pirate of them all. Based on the blockbuster motion picture, Hook for the Sega Cd takes you into the dangerous, fantastic and beautiful world of Neverland in a way never before possible. Hook for the Sega CD combines the brilliant action, gameplay and graphics of the classic 16-bit game with a spellbinding audio narrative, digitized scenes from the movie, CD-quality music from the film's soundtrack and never-before-seen computer images of Hook's ship. As Peter Pan, this is the adventure of your life and it's jam-packed with fights and incredible flying scenes that take you through twelve intense levels and ends with your deadly duel against Hook himself.

    Hook for the Sega CD.

    It's a whole new game.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76509) on Nov 12, 2003.