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Hook Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Intro - Pulling up home.
Intro - Oh Noes! I hope I wasn't robbed! And I hope they didn't steal my retro PC games!
Intro - Heeeellloooo! Anybody home?!
Intro - There's a note on the door!
Intro - A note from Hook!
Intro - Tinkerbell make her entrance.
Intro - Flying off to Neverland.
Language selection.
Start of the game.
Talking to a fisherman.
Another tavern.
Tailor shop.
I'm just borrowing them! Promise!
Save game menu.
Talking to a tavern keeper.
Dr. Chop.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Language options
Starting point
The key question as the game starts
My name is Peter Banning and I want to be a pirate
(I know it's unoriginal, but then so's the game)
Again, a sense of deja vu for Monkey Island fans
You don't believe we're on the Eve of Destruction?
Costumes are very, very important
A cul-de-sac
Catching anythng?
These guys don't look like they'll be much help
Nor do these
Interesting stylised clock

DOS version

Title Screen
Tinker Bell flies Peter to Neverland
Behind Pirate Square
Dead Man's Pier
Jolliest Roger's Place
Good Form Pier - No Fairys
Muggers Alley
Dr. Chop
Stealing gold from Hook is easier than you think
You finally meet Hook
Under Hook's ship - Guess where we go now?
Neverland Panaroma
The Lost Boys' Dining Place
Jogging Area
Round Pond
The Avenger
Tinkerbell must be really strong to carry Peter like this... ;)
Another view of Neverforest.
The Four Seasons - summer and fall part.
Peter begins to remember his past...
...and now he has become Peter Pan again!