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Hook Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Menu screen
Story screen after new game
Map screen
Start of level "Pirate Forest"
A shooting pirate!
Peter finds his friend Trilli
Peter can fly over the Fairy Dust
The "E" marks the level exit
"Ghost Mine" level, where you find ghosts...
..zombie pirates...
...and a metal detector?!

Game Boy version

Peter Pan in black and white
Peter Pan versus pirate
Map of Never Land
Game Boy version title screen

NES version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Tink tells you the story
Map of Neverland
That's a nice High Scores screen if I ever saw one!
The pirate shoots at me without warning.
Oh no, this doesn't look good...
The crazy monkey throws bananas at me.
Like most video game heroes, Peter Pan can't swim. In fact, even touching water makes him go insane. Were they all bitten by mad dogs?!
Mysterious cave
Be careful of this fire.
Using metal seeker in the caves. Yeah, we're talking about gold here!
Underwater level
Use this heavy object to quickly get to the sea bottom
Flying level
Epic battle with Rufio
Yeah, Pan's got 4 items to collect
Spine-chilling Game Over!
Saved by Tink!
Snow level.
The abominable snowman
"Standing on the gunpowder kegs with a torch for an uplifting experience...?" Hey, Tink, why don't you try this uplifting experience for yourself?!
Swinging fun. Pirate ship seems to be damaged by the way.
These swashbucklers mean business
Final level
Final showdown with Captain Hook.
Tink speaks to Peter Pan in the Japanese version