Hopkins FBI Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Main menu screen.
Intro cutscene 1.
Intro cutscene, Bernie Berckson arrested by agent Hopkins.
Intro cutscene, Bernie Berckson sentenced to death.
Intro cutscene, the prison.
Bernie being electrocuted.
The day after headline: Bernie has escaped.
Hopkins' apartment.
Item menu.
Hopkins' street. His car is the red one parked there.
The city map. From here you can choose locations to go by clicking them.
You're being warned about a bank robbing in course.
Bank cutscene.
What did this guy to receive this? Called the police...
You've arrived at the bank.
Talking to the policeman...
Negotiating with the burglars.
They've asked for a helicopter, you've accepted...
You've found a bomb plan.
You've found the bomb... but too late.
You're fired...
Why is that everyone ever knows if we did something wrong?

Windows version

Intro movie - The backstory presented partly as voiceover with headlines on spinning newspapers. (No subtitles.)
Intro movie - The main villain is inside this Burbrook prison.
Intro movie - The villain Bernie Maddo...eh... Berckson is awaiting his electrocution, or possibly just his hairdresser.
Intro movie - Hair treatment ad shot : Before our procedure, the patient is suffering from severe hair trauma, being totally bald.
Intro movie - Hair treatment ad shot: During our patented deep-root hair-follicle activation procedure our patient is thoroughly examined...
Intro movie - Hair treatment ad shot: After the treatment, the patient voiced no complaints about his baldness...or anything else - patent withdrawn.
Intro movie - Bernie magically disappears into thin air after a power-out in the prison.
Intro movie - Bernie escaping from the prison to nuke the world again. I guess the inside of the main door had no handle?
Title screen
Main menu
Starting location, Agent Hopkins chilling in his apartment. (The apartment extends left and right of this screen, the screen scrolls sideways as the mouse pointer is moved.)
In-game configuration menu is the same as found in the main menu at the start.
Inventory is accessed by moving the mouse pointer to the top left corner of the screen, which shows a small image of the inside of Hopkins jacket.
Nothing much in the inventory now. Items can be combined, turned, read etc. in this menu.
Why would he need two washbasins, with faucets that turn on simultaneously? One for cold, one for hot water? An unsolved mystery.
As Hopkins leaves his apartment, we get to see a video of a crime evolving at the local bank. The teller is shot, but the gory part is blacked out in the UK version, unless a patch is applied.
Outside Hopkins apartment, a few pedestrians are loitering, some waiting for transport, others a bit more curious. You can talk to some of them, with varying success.
Hopkins, don't get your hopes up, you're not her type.
My ride. A key is needed.
Once in the car, the game is top-down, navigation is done by clicking on buildings. Our car is the red one by the pointer.
Dispatch calls in the bank heist, get there first. You can drive around a bit, but if you go to FBI HQ now, you get fired.
At the bank, find the officer in charge to find out more about the situation.
Hostage negotiations, there is no immediate urgency, despite the looks.
Inside bank after the heist, the crooks are gone, and somewhere is a hidden bomb...why is noone evacuating the premises? Instead a TV reporter is conducting interviews.
Agent Hopkins never misses a chance for a date. (Meanwhile her patient lies bleeding on the floor)
Uh-oh, someone has set us up the bomb! Now which wire to cut? And with what tool?
This was the pilot who was ordered to fly the villains away from the bank. Once they had landed, she got killed. Some of the gore is still in the UK version, even without the patch.
One form of entertainment available to FBI agents. You can use one of the lanes to train, but this is not an FPS game.
FBI building's lobby. Your own office is the one with the open door. That guy with the newspaper, I think I saw him before.
What FBI uses as entertainment on their computers.