Hoyle Battling Ships and War Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Ship placement (Battling Ships)
Beginning a game by clicking on the grid (Battling Ships)
Missiles being launched (Battling Ships)
Player ship being hit (Battling Ships)
Square turning red when AI is hit (Battling Ships)
Opponent can be changed in the middle of a game (Battling Ships)
Player ship sunk (Battling Ships)
AI ship sunk (Battling Ships)
Here's Harley the bear (Battling Ships)
Winning (Battling Ships)
Results (Battling Ships)
Starting out (War)
Different cards to choose from (War)
Tanks shooting at each other (War)
War is declared when a pair comes up (War)
Each battle leads to a tank being destroyed (War)
And then a helicopter passes by (War)
The winner is... (War)